Younes Kaboul may not have been everyone’s first choice as club captain but the French international is settling into his role and forming what looks to be head coach Mauricio Pochettino’s preferred partnership with Jan Vertonghen in the heart of the defence.

The pair helped to shut out Southampton at the weekend and for once, Kaboul is managing to stay injury and suspension free and play a full part on the pitch. In an interview recorded in The National, the defender gives huge credit to Pochettino – a man he once saw play while serving as a ball boy at Auxerre.

“Mauricio was a top defender first of all,” Kaboul said. “A very classy defender.

“We learn a lot from him because he has got experience at this level and we try to put in the game everything he has taught us.

“To read the game. To read the game properly and to anticipate stuff.

“I think we have applied this already during the games.”

Younes then turned to his own injury issues and claims that concerns about long term problems are a thing of the past.

“That is finished,” he added. “Look at me on the pitch.

“I want to end all the speculation about all of my injuries.

“You know, for a professional footballer you need a full pre-season. If he goes through all of this full pre-season over nearly two months, he should be fine.

“You always can have these little injuries, that is normal, but physically you feel much better.

“This is the first time I’ve had a pre-season for three years, so I had no injury, I am fully-fit and feel very good.”

The player has a while to rest up now over the international break but if you held a dim view of Pochettino’s choice of captain, have your opinions been changed by Younes Kaboul’s performances on the pitch?



  1. Definitely seen a difference never hit form he had under Harry, showing signs of it returning since captaincy. Done very well against the filth!

  2. Hes doing great but sometimes looses concentration. Fazio is a better defender once used to the premiership. Sounds like Kaboul is kissing arse a bit with Poch? no one likes an arse kisser. Coys

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