It’s difficult to predict a team that plays again just two days since their last outing, but there should be a couple of certain changes from the side that beat Leicester.

Ben Davies will surely replace Danny Rose at left-back, while Ryan Mason will start ahead of Benjamin Stambouli. After that we enter the realms of speculation. Can Kyle Walker play another game so soon having recently returned from injury? Will Erik Lamela or Roberto Soldado get the chance to silence the doubters against Manchester United?

Here’s our verdict. What’s yours?



  1. Bentaleb was not effective in his last outing, especially his confidence-lacking one-on-one with their keeper. Plus, having 3 left-footed guys in the back hinders decisions when they’re almost always trying to get the ball back onto their left foot. I’d like to see Stambouli and Mason as a defensive mid pairing.

    I’d also like to see Vertongen benched and give Dier a shot at CB. It seems like the wrong game to have a younger player, but Jan seems weak against the stringer teams.

    Last, I’d like to see Chadli on the RIGHT and have Poch stop the inverted winger nonsense. If Man U play 3 back, your offense needs width to exploit the inner gaps, not a guy dribbling into the teeth of the D. Andro on the left is worth a go unless Lamela can actually play wide?

  2. No point changing formations for big games such as this, especially untried and untested ones.
    Bentaleb was poor but then so was stambo vs Leicester, far too slow.
    Lloris, walker, Verts, Faz, Davies, mason, Bentaleb, Eriksen, Lennon, Kane, Soldado. Kane to play off Soldado in attack and will drop into midfield when they have the ball. Lennon to give a bit of width to stretch the 3 at the back and also to track young, who’s been playing well in utd’s last few games.
    Tough game but winning becomes a habit, even narrow and sometimes undeserved wins.


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