There’s been time for the dust to settle on Spurs’ 2-1 defeat to Crystal Palace, so we’d like you to cast your votes and score each player a mark out of ten.

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  1. Apart from Chelsea and one or two other games we haven’t been great or truly dominant this season ..and our luck expired on Saturday, plus we had to face Palace at a time of pure rejuvenation on their part. It was like a cup final for them.
    Poor performances from Townsend and Chadli. When will Townsend ever recapture that form he showed for England? Dembele (a success against Chelsea) was an uninspiring influence in midfield despite his ability to protect the ball. Stambouli was OK but made a crucial error at a critical time.
    Eriksen couldn’t pick up the game in the final third for a change (when I think of all that dominance Spurs had in the first half hour and yet only one clear chance was made) but I guess one average game from him and Kane (yes he had and average game too despite a great goal) is certainly allowed. Rose wasn’t as bad as some suggested and Walker’s steadily getting back to form, but the fact is we lack a deep lying creative midfielder and someone on the left who can really run and cross (obviously we won’t get another Bale, but we need that balance). So many times this season we’ve looked on the back foot or shown no real urgency when on the ball. Chelsea reminded me of us a lot this season, while in that game, our performance reminded me of the hard working teams we’ve met this season. If we can just apply ourselves more consistently, generate more urgency, stop allowing teams with inferior talent to ride out our passing game before inflicting cuts on us, then we might justifiably still be in touch with a top four situation. It’s still a work in progress.


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