If you were at White Hart Lane yesterday to witness Tottenham’s thrilling 2-1 victory over Arsenal, it’s likely you’ll have the following refrain still pumping around in your head:

Everywhere we go…
Everywhere we go…
It’s the Tottenham boys, making all the noise,
Everywhere we go…

Having lifted the song from the good folk at Sheffield United, the constant renditions helped to create an absolutely rocking atmosphere at the Lane. If you weren’t there, here’s a taste of what it felt like to be in the crowd.

And here’s what it was like to part of the Spurs fans as they left the stadium, singing the song to the somewhat disappointed Gooners.



  1. Don’t like the chant: 1. because we nicked it shamelessly from another club 2. because it’s got a very Northern / Yorkshire lower league feel to it. Yes we need good new chants that create atmosphere – too many of our chants are outdated or are prone to petering out after 15 seconds – but this chant makes us sound like a bunch of Barnsley, Leeds or Sheffield fans – it sounds “northern” not “Spurs”. D-, must do better!


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