That’s it for another year. Tottenham Hotspur exited the Europe League after a disappointing performance against Fiortenina.

The hosts won 2-0 thanks to goals from Mario Gomez and Mo Salah. Spurs played well in the first half, but a Soldado mistake in front of goal proved costly as Fiorentina took control after the break.

Inexcusable errors by Fazio and Vertonghen allowed the home side to score two simple goals. Tottenham will now turn their attention to Sunday’s Capital One Cup final. Here’s how Twitter reacted.



  1. In january we were in 4 competions so what does mr levy and uncle Joe do nothing so once again this is the end result
    I never ever want to see lamella and that idiot from spain again in a spurs shirt
    He comes from sunny spain i wished he missed the plane

  2. Poch needs to be more posative in his selection, since the first leg he has always tried to protect his so called best players for the final, the first leg should have been a strong side and the tie could have been over by half time, tonight could have been a strong defensive side with that waste of 26 mill up front on his own out of the way.
    After cocking up the first leg he has been left with a tired side for Sunday.
    As for landfills how does he get picked week in week out because he is absolutely garbage, I’m all for recycling so can’t we recycle a quick 52 mill and get Soldado and Lamella gone( luxuries that keep costing us time and time again)
    If we defend and attack on Sunday like the last 3 games then lookout.
    Roll on summer, hopefully Poch will get rid of all the deadwood.


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