Tottenham were utterly out-played at Stoke City as they fell to a 3-0 defeat.

Two first-half goals meant the visitors were already up against it before Vlad Chiriches was sent off for a second yellow card offence just after the break.

Spurs never really looked like getting back into the game. Stoke added a third goal late on.

It was a dreadful performance by Mauricio Pochettino’s side. Woeful defending coupled with a lack of attacking threat made it easy for Stoke in the end. Here’s how Twitter reacted.



  1. Hopefully we lose remaining two games and don’t qualify for Europa League and summer defensive rebuilding plus attacking winger and back up striker are enough to get us in contention of a top 4 spot next season.

  2. Absolute Shambles and the same season after season with Levy’s tight ways we will always be mediocre he is a total failure, he even managed to make us WORSE after spending over £100 million, who else could do that? we are a laughing stock and nothing will change with Levy and Enic in charge.

  3. Nothing has changed,if anything has got worse.Our biggest mistake was sacking Sherwood- thank you all Spurs fans who destroyed him on various websites.MP is a retard, never thought I would regret the awful AVB.His latest quote that the Chelsea’s, Arsenals, both Manchester clubs will not get in the way of his dealings- of course not, they would never think of buying the crap players he has in mind.Season ticket holed since 1966, but not anymore….

  4. Are we all Spurs fans deluded? Thoughts of challenging for Champions League qualification next season? More chance of Isis leaders getting the Nobel Peace Prize.Had it not been for Kane this season,we would be going down, and mark my words Kane will turn out to be a 1 season wonder….

  5. Sherwood was sacked because he didn’t get Champions League place.Where does that leave MP.? Having a beautiful high capacity new stadium will be lovely when the team plays to a half capacity.

  6. I didn’t think it could get any worse!!! Just hopeless, the chairman , manager and players. Going from worse to worse.The players show no emotion, no spirit. Bentaleb and mason in midfield!!1 that’s a Div 1 partnership not premier!!! Vertonghen just seems to be on his way out, couldn’t care less!!, Kane up front doesn’t work for 38 games in a long season, no width. How can a side go so backwards in 3 years???easy employ a chairman called Daniel Levy!!

  7. Llois, Rose, Bentaleb , Lamela and Kane are the only Players from the whole Spurs squad I would not look to replace by next season . Trouble is Lloris, Rose and Lamela will be probably be the only players Levy will sell .

  8. MP bought a whole new defence together with a holding midfielder: Vorm,Yedlin,Davies,Dier,Fazio and Stambouli and still we have one of the worse defences in the Premiership.MP: already a Tottenham Legend!

  9. I had an open mind with Mo Po at the seasons start, but he really is out of his depth and will NEVER finish in the top 4. There was absolutely no excuse not to play Stambouli and Dembele instead of Mason and Benteleb today but no, we stick with two young players that, at present , give as much protection to the back 4 as Del Boy and Rodney. And why do we play 2 centre backs at fullback when there are 2 fullbacks on the bench ?? I know Fazio is not everyones cup of tea and has defended poorly recently but what about the other 3 today ? Dier was Dire, a typical performance from the ‘I think I’m better than what I am’ Jan’ I dont like Left Back’ Vertonghen and a consistant performance from Chiriches, consistantly crap ! What class acts are we going to buy in the summer ? No one !! All these super international quality players that we are linked with daily , RUBBISH. Even Austin and Ings would be better off staying at their relegated clubs than come to us. We’ve got a job to get rid of players let alone buy some in. Levy may have made the club financially secure but until he realises that the most important member of the football staff is the MANAGER and not himself, therefore you get the very best manager you can, then we will continue to feed those moronic twats from Woolwich with their St Totteringham Day jibe !!!!

  10. Halabil,which half decent players are going to want to join such a crap club as ours?.I believe that MP would turn Messi into a Hackney Marshes player.

  11. He coudnt of picked a slower team with no pace at all ,something’s going down poch won’t make the end of season ,even if he doesn’t want to be in Europa,what’s the point of sighning new players if there isn’t any games to play in

  12. If this was Arsenal they would be rioting by now, but us Spurs fans just put up with it> Its about time that a demonstration was planned to show our feelings.

  13. Hey hey , as a spurs fan we should give pichettino a chance. Yeah i admit spurs was shit during stoke match but the transfer window is coming, pochettino is planning a 4 33 formation. Lloris rose vertonghen ( a new cb porbably howedes) dier , bentaleb ( deep lying mid) paulinho ( box to box mid) and a new no 10( playing cm but role as play maker)( probabably taking holtby or i prefer hamsik coming) lw eriksen, right lamela and striker kane ( simeone zaza or austin)
    I think this formation is good and if we want a strong mid , we should buy an experience one , maybe xavi? Barcelona is going to sell him. He can lead the team but sadly its a miracle for him to come to spurs. Would be great if he is .

  14. Danish,what sort of a world are you living in.No good player is going to want to join us because :
    – We don’t pay top wages.
    – It looks as though we are never going to progress.
    – As per usual, we will leave our transfer business until the 31/8/15 and try to buy a bargain.
    Yesterday was the perfect occasion to give Winks,Onumah and several other promising youngsters a chance,but no MP decides to persevere with the same players.
    Have you not all noticed that when it comes to season ticket renewal time,the management starts to make promises for next season to con we gullible and deluded Spurs fans into parting with our money.I am at present bent out of shape from laughing at reading MP’s latest quote:”Next season we are not just interest in top 4 but winning the Premiership ahead of Chelsea”.do me a favour.

  15. calm down. give mp a chance and give the players a chance. this is a shocking performance at seasons end. nothing to panic about. enough seen this season to suggest a team might be in the making here. everyone needs to relax and give mp at LEAST another season and also forget about levy a bit!!! hes not going anywhere for now and although hes responsible for a few shocking errors hes also done a few things well.

    • He’s had a season and still doesn’t know his best starting 11 or where the problems lay ! Two fullbacks on the bench , two centre backs playing fullbacks ???????????? Doesn’t happen in sunday league football.

  16. I call on all season ticket holders NOT to renew their seasons: this is the only thing that the board will understand.It looks nailed on that Lloris will leave this summer- can anyone really blame him.Guaranteed that the money generated from his sale(if it is spent), will be spent on shit players.Look at MP’s record so far on purchases made since joining: not too impressive- the man is dangerous.

  17. MP hasn’t a clue, fed up with non-descript football no cutting edge at all, no creative players, pace is so (yawn) slow, across the back sideways no width very average players. Defence is a shambles especially Vertoghen will be the first to leave in the summer doesn’t care nor Fazio. I know Michael Dawson was slowing up, but he played with heart and proud to wear the shirt. I shall give him a great ovation on Saturday, was ditched by MP great decision shows his calibre as a manager. Now we have a shambles at the back except for Lloris who has saved us in many a game. He won’t stay and who can blame him. Fear for us next season really do.

    • I still think there is some sort of defender in Fazio, after all he captained a side way way better than ours in Seville, but I agree with you re Dawson. We have no leader on the pitch nor one player that gives a shit about the shirt (except perhaps Kane). Lloris is thinking about Old Trafford, Vertonghen about CL football at anywhere, Chiriches about anything other than football, Benteleb about how much he should be earning, Eriksen about not sticking his foot in in case he gets hurt and Batman and Robin (aka Soldado and Adebayor) about a nice relaxing holiday after such a stressful season. Only ever happens at Fawlty Towers run by Basil Levy.

  18. Spurs pays too much for nothing!
    Please, sell Lloris, Vertonghen, Soldado, Lamela, Paulinho, Adebayor and Fazio. Maybe some club interested in Lloris will take all the others for free.
    Let’s take Pritshard and Caroll back and buy Caulker back too.

  19. Defense shambles starts in the midfield. They can’t hold on to the ball, Lamella particularly, we don’t have a midfielder who can play in front of the back 4. If you going to leak goals most games it makes winning way more difficult

  20. This year,from the USA, I discovered and became a big fan of the BPL, and found myself rooting for Chelsea only because they were the favorites, and I started rooting for Costa to make a good show. which he did. Then realizing what a truly unclassy bum dirty player Costa is decided I cant root for him…enter Harry Kane, and somehow Tottenham became my second favorite. to watch. A yank from the states,its been a great achievement for me to learn to call it football and mean it…so I’m gettin there , I watched almost every Tottenham game.I can tell you one thing that was so obvious I cant understan wht the coack hasnt figured it out. When Spurs played well, and won…it was Always because Eriksen was the center core of the action. When spurs played around his positioning, his great passing, they scored goals and won games. But I saw that not too many players were on the same wavelength, They ignored him in many games, and those games they lost or played badly. Other teams have the same classy player who provides the center core of ball movement, like Silva for City or Coutinio for Liverpool, or Veratti for PSG…they set the flow of play, and see the pitch better than the rest. Eriksen does that for Spurs, but too many players ignore him for half the game. and they lose those games.Eriksen,like David Silva is the key player, even more than Kane, who lately has been just running around ,working hard but getting nowhere. They need to learn to play around Eriksen controlling the flow of play. Those were the games they won. . But not many are on his wavelength I blame the coach for failing to SEE this. If I can see it from the USA on TV, what kind of bumbling coach is MP. Man City, when they played great and won, it was because David Silva was controlling the game. This is what I’m talking about. It would be great fun to watch Eriksen teaming up with Hazard ,Willian, and Fabregas….or playing alongside Sanchez and Ozil .
    H e would be better off with another team Eriksen.


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