TottenhamBlog guested on the excellent podcast Beyond The Pitch last week and were asked about the future of Erik Lamela.

We suggested that while Lamela remains a frustrating player, there are enough glimpses of talent for Spurs to stick with him for another season, as it would be hugely frustrating to see him blossom at another club. That said, we added a caveat – if a club did come in with a bid close to the amount that Tottenham paid for him, a tough decision would have to be made.

We considered that scenario unlikely after two pretty unsuccessful seasons for Lamela at White Hart Lane, but today has seen reports that Juventus are ready to pay £25m for the Argentine international.

If Spurs really could get the majority of the money back that they paid for Lamela, it would be hugely tempting to cash in, especially when you consider that so many of the players bought with the Bale money would struggle to recapture their fees.

The doubt comes from the fact that Lamela is still young and undoubtedly possesses incredible talent. Can that ability shine in the rough and tumble of the Premier League? Let us know whether you’d cash in on Lamela.



  1. Enough, we’re not selling him!!! The fact remains that if we sell him we cant get anyone nearly as talented as he is in for anything other than another gigantic sum. Have some patience for heaven’s sake. Anybody with half a brain can see that Lamela is the kind of player needed in Poch’s system. Eriksen is the ANTITHESIS of what Poch looks for in players. Would have Poch bought Eriksen? Probably not (regardless of how talented he is).

    Eriksen has 10 goals (7 open play) and 2 assists.
    Lamela has 2 goals 7 assists (was fouled for 2 of Eriksen’s free kick goals, so technically 9 assists) in 900 less minutes than Eriksen. That’s 9 matches.

    Stop shitting on him so much and stop giving Eriksen a get out of jail free pass. Its infuriating.

  2. This last 5 games, Lamela’s game has changed dramatically. For most of the season, when he has received the ball, he has attempted to dribble through the entire opposition, ending in a cul-de-sac and losing possession. On the other hand, his effort without the ball has been exemplary, chasing, harrying and tackling back so that he’s one of our most effective midfielders defensively.
    In the last 5 or so games he has suddenly dropped the dribbling and started to pass the ball as soon as he receives it, As a result he is now one of the chief contributors to our most flowing and incisive moves (clearly Poch has had a word and told him to stop fannying around). He still glides effortlessly past the odd one or two opponents of course, but its no longer ALL he attempts. This makes him potentially one of
    the most effective all-round midfielders at the club. HE IS JUST GETTING REALLY GOOD (maybe brilliant). ……and NOW we are gonna sell him?

    • Plus the corners. When he takes them, more often that not, we end up with a goalscoring chance or at least a Spurs players challenging for a chance at goal. Before him, so many of our corners end up naught (or result in an opposing break) that we were better off handing the ball back for a goal kick. That only ought to be worth at least 10m pounds. Lamela should take all our corners, including those on the left.

  3. He is one of those players that just explodes and everyone will chant ‘everywhere you go, always take lamela!’ If we sell, it will be a huge loss…. Keep and nurture, isn’t that what poch and spurs are all about?! Look at bales first few games with us? Even little modders had trouble….. They all do, give lamela time, sit back and enjoy.

  4. No I wouldn’t sell him. It would be like selling bale to Stoke before he developed. Lamely is slowly getting there. Have faith. Be patient. He won’t let us down

  5. what do you do with a player like lamella?
    where does he play for when he gets the call?
    get him to pass the ball
    and watch defenses fall
    he’s got the skill, he’s got the grace he’s got it all.

  6. The man has a gifted ability not many others have and is just learning how to use it in team play .would much sooner sell Eriksen , Chadli , Mason.

  7. at last people talking about a player and tactics on here not the rubbish you read on blogs etc like “hes shit get rid ” words to that effect thanku people for restoring my faith in football people

  8. He needs to get a bit stronger and be more direct and explosive! He’s too lightweight and all that rolling the ball two or three times won’t fly in the premier league that’s why he looks shit right now… He needs to do the basics, get on the ball be direct and fire shots on goal or pick out a pass… He doesn’t do anywhere near enough, one more season and out if he doesn’t deliver.

  9. Sell him he ain’t top quality people say can’t get player 25million sell him levy and go get konoplyanka for nothing he’s a real player coutinio cost Liverpool 8’5 million lamela will never be as good as him.

  10. This is what will happen:

    We will nurture his incredible talent until he is clearly ready for a bigger club (a la real madrid) and then we will sell him for 60 millon plus. Its so blindly obvious that is what will happen. We will only see one season of his full potential before bigger clubs come knocking and we lose him. He puts up with a lot of stick from spurs fans, so I wouldnt blame him bbh. His talent is scary, if he was ”one of our own” we would be hailing him as the messiah, not Harry Kane, i’m sorry to say.


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