ESPN have claimed that Andros Townsend is considering his future at Spurs, having been linked with a number of Premier League clubs this summer.

Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland have all been suggested as destinations for the England winger, for a potential fee in the region of £15m.

It looks as if Villa could have that sort of money to burn if they sell Christian Benteke, with Tim Sherwood a known admirer of Townsend. What once seemed like an unlikely sounding possibility now has the potential to become a dilemma for Tottenham.

Townsend has yet to deliver the goods for Spurs on a consistent basis and only ten of his 17 Premier League appearances were starts last season.

The alternative to Townsend – Erik Lamela – is also something of an enigma. Is it better to let them fight it out in the hope that one will blossom, or sell Townsend when given the chance and bring in a new face?

An issue with selling Townsend is the fact that the club have already sold a large number of players this summer, with more set to leave. Townsend would have to be replaced at a time when the club still requires at least three players, unless of course the management think that DeAndre Yedlin could shoulder the responsibility of covering for Lamela.

Our stance is that both he and Lamela deserve another season to prove themselves. Both have the ability to make it, with their decision making proving to be the biggest fault in their game.

A fee of £15m would be tempting for a player that might not be up to the standard required at White Hart Lane, but allowances should be made for homegrown players to develop. Especially ones who on their day can do things like this.



  1. I’d prefer the young, homegrown Townsend stay on another season and see if he can earn his place. He has pace and talent, and still holds loads of potential. If we can bring in a genuine midfield general to play alongside Bentaleb and another option up top besides Kane, our wingers (Lamela included) should be much more effective. Andre Yedlin is definitely NOT the answer. He is blinding fast…and nothing else. He’s a sub for the crap US men’s team and will never make it in the EPL.

  2. get rid asap and keep lennon who is twice the player-at least he helps out his fullback-not like that useless prat townsend who stands with his hands on his hips when he gives the ball away which is quite often./

  3. Townsend is NOT quick…..check out the Opta stats. He has poor decision making and cant cross or pass. Lennon hides too often……watch him find his marker when we have the balll so that he doesnt present an option. Its a crafty lazy move. Lamela has the most talent and actually works very hard defensively if sometimes a bit carelessly. Of the 3……I think Lamela is the best option

    • agree with that. lennon had his chance – he’s been at spurs for ages. still think townsend deserves a shot but, if we’re keeping only one, i’d keep lamela.

  4. Keep Lamela, got Yedlin and the new kid Trippier at right back, what about giving Walker a push forward? He has pace, can attack the defence, can cross the ball and can get back to assist in defence. Just a thought, but remember the mediocre left back Bale who was left on the bench by Ramos.

  5. Get rid of Townsend, Lennon and Lamela. None of them are good enough for Spurs.

    Replace them with two quality wingers or attacking midfielders.

  6. To get £15 million for Townsend now would be good business. I would sell Lennon as well. Lennon’s attitude has diminished. Fans want to see more commitment and less arrogance. We have Yedlin, Pritchard, Lamela maybe even Walker could learn the position as he’s been struggling in his defensive right back role. Maybe PSG would be interested in Townsend along with Stambouli. We could deal for a midfielder and a striker!

  7. No his still better than lamela and if what I’ve read this morning is true he is maradona compared to victor mosses .

  8. Not if we replace him with average victor Moses I’m mean honestly is Moses the type of signing that will convince the likes of lloris and Kane Spurs is the place to stay eh no ,

  9. Townsend does not play consistently well for Tottenham. He is one dimensional, seemingly unable to improve skills or rather, add to what skills he does have to compete against a standard PL league defense. Everybody seems to have his number, telegraphs his movements. Our coaching staff do not appear to be able to offer him any help or advise on improving his game or perhaps they have, he’s just not taking it on board. He will stagnate at Tottenham. He’s not as good as he thinks he is. You can fool some of the people some of the time…… Anyway, I’ve made my point.


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