Which of these Arsenal fans looked the most stupid?

Which of these Arsenal fans looked the most stupid?


Lots of football fans attend matches dressed like complete wally-brains these days – even Spurs supporters – but few can reach the heights hit by those who follow the Woolwich.

To prove it here are four pictures of fans who attended Arsenal’s friendly victory over Chelsea in some meaningless pre-season match. All are wearing various pieces of replica nonsense which make them look completely ridiculous, with at least three looking as if they’re grown men.

Let us know which one gets the prize for the most foolish looking.

1. Wrong shirt, wrong number


2. Helmet head


3. New shirt after deadline day


4. The classic FKW



  1. Hello my name is Gary, I’m 5ft6, slim and long black hair. I’m looking for some guy action. I’ve done most of the Emirates, they have small cock but are very willing to take it up the Gary glitter even after they have poo poo. Tbh I like number 4 there he soo sexy. Let me know if you want me, I love ARSEnal, me soo funny me like Arsenal I love you gooner.

  2. Poor old Spuds. Forever in our shadow 🙂 🙂 🙂 Arsenal Champions 13 times. 12 FA Cups. Three Doubles. And The Invincibles.

    • Also a gay goal kerper who loves the fact he’s got 10 arsoles in front of him and 40000 pricks around him. Great pics btw haha

    • 2 leagues, 8 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 2 UEFA Cup and a Cup Winners Cup would suggest we have also won things you know.
      Including the last match between the two teams, incidentally. We weren’t in your shadow that day kidda.
      You have wankers as fans. Get over it you fanny.

    • Not unusually, a Gooner fan who wants to do the whole trophy list thang and the ‘always in our shadow’* but somehow omits European trophies off the list. Ha Ha…you’re in our European shadow you Goon munter. How many Euro trophies have you won again? That’s right, see, because a lot of folk don’t actually believe a club can be classed as a big club unless they have had European success.

      Oh, and the whole ‘always in your shadow’ thang – it just makes you sound like a juvenile glory-hunter fan because: in the early nineties THFC nearly went bust while ArseAnal were in the right position to take advantage of the BPL/CL/TV money gravy-train (and fair lay to them for that, we fooked up ourselves, you got on the gravy-train, no problems with that). Up until then ArseAnal had 16 trophies and Spurs had 15 – hardly in your shadow (you sad fook). So if we were hardly in your shadow in the early nineties we can hardly have been ‘always’ in your shadow, can we! Numpty.

      And it’s funny. We went through virtual collapse and have spent the time since trying to recover our place – which was, basically, on a par with ArseAnal. In that interim the Goon fans used to amuse themselves by saying we weren’t really their rivals anymore, United were (how did that work out for you, BTW – if they were your rivals you were more in their shadow than we were yours, twats…LoL). Now, the closer Spurs get to ArseAnal’s shoulder the more obsessed the sad Goon feckwit Glory-Hunter fans with THFC. The fact that they frequently reference how little Spurs are suggests to me that, being Glory-Hunter fans who don’t even appreciate how close the rivalry always was, they only chose a ‘BIG’ club to make them feel BIG. Normally when folk do this, they are trying to compensate – and now they clearly feel like this BIG-by-association identity is under threat. They may have to address things about themselves if they can’t continue to think they are BIG because their club means they can bully Spurs fans. Aww diddums. Get the dummy back in.

      Oh, and we virtually put ourselves out of commission for 20 years just to give you a chance – and how close did you get to closing that looming European shadow we hold over you? Answers on a micro postal stamp, please. LoL

  3. As an arsenal fan I just love seeing petty Spurs fans get all gobby and bitter. Especially when bloggers who want to be respected for their writing skills spend their time writing articles about arsenal fans outfits to make themselves feel better about the fact that they will never be and never have been better than us! It really does fill me with warmth. Thanks for making my day guys 😉

    • “Never have been”?? Fucking hell, that made me spit my drink out!
      Have you ever heard of the year “1995”?
      Well, do yourself a favour and look up the years and decades that came before that – because those years did actually happen! And Spurs were the better side in several of those years. Swings and roundabouts. The tables do and have turned many times.
      When you’re out of nappies you’ll understand that.

  4. Hey, why not post that picture of wee Harry Kane in full Arsenal get-up (including red hair) while he was celebrating The Arsenal winning the league at WHL in 2004. Just a thought. lol

    Harry is a Gooner!!

  5. “Meaninglessness pre season match” maybe meaningless to you as it means you have to have won something to be in it

  6. Judging by the comments section it looks like we’ve found 4 more of the fuckwit goons. It was only a matter of time. I knew there were plenty more out there. It appears some of them can even write and work computers. Now that’s something I didn’t know. Evolution isn’t always for the better.

    • Well, really, ‘Fuckwit’ and ‘Goon’ are synonymous (watch them fumble about with their hoofs trying to pick a dictionary up to find out what ‘that’ means…stupid fuckwit Gooner twats) 🙂

  7. Bitter Butthurt Spuds …the so called “rivalry” with Arsenal is the only thing keeping you washed-up lot relevant… Deep down you all know it.

    • I’m as old as Methuselah*, Am sorry for being younger than the age of the dinosaurs but can someone tell me, have the Goons ever won anything in Europe? LoL

      * There’s another one for them to be fumbling their hooves about trying to pick books up to discover the meaning of it. But, alas, all in vain – the stupid twats can’t read so it is as futile of them as an ArseAnal European campaign. LoL

  8. TBH, the Arseholes have an impressive English record. However they lack European silverware and they will always be a south London team who are hated by all apart from “a certain type of football supporter”?

  9. Creaky,you are so right. When I was a kid and not aware of how spineless and obnoxious woolwich fans are,i actually felt sorry for them,when everyone hated them. Now of course,I chastise myself for it as it is all so clear now.

    • I have some great mates who supported them through the 80s when they were boring and typically a bit blinkered to quality football ( Liverpool, Everton, West Ham and of course Spurs). Since the 00’s like Chealski, the fans forget just how crap they were. Give it 5 years and a financial base to work from, we will have the last laugh?

  10. Yeah, fine, whatever. We are Arsenal and we don’t care.

    Feel free to criticise our team when you have gone 49 games unbeaten and won a record twelve FA Cups like we have. I am surprised that many Spurs fans still know their way to Wembley since they have not won anything there since 1991. You lot have not even won a Premier League title in recent years, either. Stop living in 1961. That era has long cone and gone. (Yes, I said Premier League title, NOT the old First Division.)

    Good luck (!)

    From a proud, local lifelong Arsenal fan of over 35 years. ??⚽


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