We’re still getting over the shock of Tottenham’s performance of the season so far, as they came back from 1-0 down to defeat Manchester City 4-1.

The victory moved Spurs up to fifth and went some way to easing the pain of the derby defeat to Arsenal last week. It was a win built on some brilliant individual performances and you can give your marks out of ten below.

[statsfc-player-rater key=”jCrHmsnQeSqxkGjCn2r26DkdNbKC4WIzYzF_IZ3J” competition=”ELC” team=”Tottenham” date=”2015-24-9″]



  1. Man U was very lucky (or we were unlucky) in the opening game of the season. If that game had gone the other way; we would be tied with City for top spot.
    We have a very good team and it is starting to gel.
    It’s going to be an exciting fall.


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