We’ve enjoyed watching Nathan Oduwa’s performances on-loan at Rangers this season but last night’s match against Livingstone was one to watch from behind the sofa for Spurs fans.

The tricky teenager has often been targeted by opposition defenders this season and Oduwa was on the receiving end of some shocking challenges as Rangers beat Livingstone 1-0.

Oduwa propensity to showboat had annoyed some of his opponents in Scotland this season. Alloa’s Colin Hamilton accused him of “taking the p**s” after an elaborate rainbow-flick on Oduwa’s debut for Rangers, while the Berwick striker Andy Russell tweeted this last night.


Oduwa is clearly too talented to be playing against this level of player in the long-run, but a spell at a club of Rangers’ size certainly has it’s benefits.

Yet you can be sure that the powers at be at Spurs will be monitoring Oduwa’s treatment in Scotland and won’t hesitate to recall him should they fear for his fitness. Let’s hope that this incident will see Scottish referees giving some protection to the talented winger.



  1. Unfortunately it is open season on Rangers up here due to deep sectarian problems within Scottish football.
    The lad has serious talent (Ball looks to have good potential also) but the referees really need to have a look at some of the treatment the wee man gets.
    The advantage of playing in front of 50k for home league games will be great but I have to agree, and question, is it worth the risk on a serious injury? I guess that depends on whether referees grow some balls and decide that potential ankle breakers are worth a booking or two – that seems quite obvious to me!

  2. Please see the comment above. That is the usual mindset of Celtic fans: stalking Rangers fans on other club’s forums!
    Anyway, good luck to Spurs this season, not a bad start!


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