The Independent have reported that Jose Mourinho has signed a pre-contract with Manchester United and that his number one transfer target is Harry Kane.

It’s not the first time that Manchester United have been linked with Kane, but it’s fair to say that the prospect of him moving to Old Trafford is more remote than ever. United are unlikely to qualify for the Champions League next season, while Spurs are still in the hunt for the title. The financial disparity between the clubs may remain, but Tottenham are closing the gap as they prepare to move to a new stadium and an increase in TV revenue.

What’s more, Kane clearly loves the club and is very happy playing under Mauricio Pochettino, which the journalist Miguel Delaney acknowledges. Unfortunately, Delaney somewhat invites scorn with his £60m valuation for Kane. Considering that Spurs sold Gareth Bale for a world record fee, why would they flog Kane for any less, given his age, nationality and contract status?

It’s clearly not going to happen and even Manchester United fans can’t convince themselves that it will…



  1. The TV revenue means the financial gap is closing? Honestly, there is a huge gap between the clubs in terms of finances, history, fan base, success, media profile, glamour etc.

    • Grow up!
      The revenue gap is acknowledged – but it is closing, as the author points out. Did you know that in the early 1990’s it was Spurs who generated the highest merchandise revenues, etc. Then El Tel decided to get rid of the man responsible in favour of one of his Scribes West drinking buddies. The newly redundant fella, a life-long Spurs fan, was snapped-up by United where he proceeded to do the same for United’s revenues. Spurs had a near collapse thanks to former Chairman Mr Scholar (he thought it was a good idea to use club money to bolster his private businesses and it ended badly). This has led to a period of severe decline and then retrenchment for THFC – amazing to think that this period of decline while Unit were benefitting from a revenues jump, stadium increase and the Class of 92 is seen by so many as the be all and end all of the clubs’ relative status and one that Spurs shouldn’t dare aspire to break out of.

      Success is only really a factor of the 1990’s rise of United and crash of Spurs. Until Fergie had Won a couple of trophies the trophy haul of the two clubs was about even. FFS it’s a stupid argum – when United hired Fergie Liverpool dwarfed United in terms of success and trophies!

      History – what does that mean, exactly? Spurs were the first team to do the double and the first English club to win a major European trophy. They hold the record attendance figure and have won a major honour in every decade since the 1950’s.

      Fan-base? Don’t be so naïve. The global fan base is remarkably fickle, as are the glory-hunter element among United’s fans.

      Media-profile? Again, stop being so naïve! Spurs, at their very lowest mid-table/flirting with relegation ebb had a far higher media-profile than most of the club’s above them. The reason being that Spurs, as one of the traditional Big Five, have always been one of the glamour clubs of English football.

      All you have said, really, is that United have had a period of fantastic success with the Class of 92 under Fergie, so it must stay that way. Maybe you haven’t noticed but THFC is the c!ub with the youth set-up now and the new stadium will reduce the revenues gap further. In truth, with the financial doping of Citeh and Chelsea, the time-lag benefit of Arsenal’s stadium, the resurgence of Spurs, etc, United may well have a struggle on their hands just to retain the slice of the global revenues pie that they have become used to.

      So grow up!

  2. It really doesn’t take any imagination for someone masquerading as a journalists who basically is little more than a essayist to make up stories. Kane on Manchester United’s radar/wish list has been a story dreamt up after his sensational first season and will continue. Clowns such as Miguel Delaney should realise but fail to, that Harry Kane isn’t a greedy mercenary like Berbatov or a star struck Northerner who sees Old Trafford as the promised land. The young man has THFC DNA in his blood, he has grown up in the Spurs academy, has many friends at the club and enjoying great success under the current regime led by Pochettino. New stadium in a couple of years to look forward to, young developing team who will get better and better in the ensuing years and the magnificent support he and his team mates enjoy. Why would he want to leave Spurs at this point in his career and more importantly, why would Daniel Levy risk upsetting Pochettino by agreeing to sell arguably the clubs most influential and talismanic player. When this Kane to Manchester United story dies a death, you can bet that next up will be Dele Alli to either Liverpool, Manchester United or City, Eriksen to either Real Madrid or Barcelona and Lamela to penniless Roma. The bullshit will continue.

  3. All that said, I wonder which new youth will join our youth program and work their way through the ranks to become a new starlet? For all their money and stock how many of these supposedly ‘big’ clubs are appeasing their fans by buying ‘stars’ that have no affiliation to their club other than a huge pay packet? I love that Spurs are finding local talent and making them great, this is what FFP was supposed to be about, the clubs that are toy things of oil money etc will continue to flout the rules in the face of clubs that are showing them the ‘right’ way.

  4. Won’t happen,Kane loves his local club, certainly wouldn’t drop down a few steps either.Mufc on a downer since lost their talisman manager .


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