Tottenham suffered a disastrous first half at St James’ Park, going 2-0 down to Newcastle United and all but handing second place to Arsenal before the break.

But Erik Lamela gave Spurs hope by pulling a goal back fifteen minutes into the second half.

The visitors moved the ball well, far better than they had in the first half, eventually shifting it to Lamela who smashed home, beating the Newcastle goalkeeper at his near post.

Here’s the goal.



  1. I really hope Dele Ali and Dembele are feeling really ashamed of there self’s, having let the team, the club and especially the supporters down with their totally stupid and unnecessary behaviour for which they received long bans, the disruption their absence caused, means our arch rivals Arsenal finished above us, when the had no right to, we’ve been the better side all season, and now those two have destroyed all of our dreams, well done you two pillocks

  2. it wasn’t just them, the whole team looked like they weren’t bothered at all. Not one of them, this was an absolute disgrace from the first minute to last. Words fail me.

  3. Never in 40+ years of following Spurs have I felt so ashamed and embarrassed by them. The LEAST they could do was get 2nd, but the way in which we have capitulated is unbelievable and we are again a laughing stock, I thought we had changed, thought we were stronger, thought we were mentally tougher, but I thought wrong….


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