Could Spurs still land striker despite rival bid?

Could Spurs still land striker despite rival bid?


It says a lot that perhaps the most shocking thing that happened during England’s disastrous defeat to Iceland last night, was the breaking news that Crystal Palace have had a £31m offer for Michy Batshuayi accepted.

The size of the offer from a club that almost went out of existence just a few years ago, is a sign of the changing face of English football. Even the smallest Premier League clubs are now amongst the richest in Europe and therefore major players in the transfer market.

Yet though Palace’s bid has been accepted by Marseille, persuading the player to move to Selhurst Park could prove more difficult. Reports claim that Spurs are still confident of signing the Belgium striker.

Marseille are strapped for cash and must sell Batshuayi by July 5th to avoid a transfer embargo. If Batshuayi decides to reject Palace, the French club could be forced to accept a lower offer.

With interest from the likes of Tottenham and Juventus – who can both offer Champions League football – it would be no surprise if Batshuayi decides to wait it out for an alternative offer.


  1. Michy seems good player,Over-rated @ 31Million…..Levi -Porch BUY Lukaku Great Proven Goal Scorer,for few Million more,would be better investment! Plus make Janssen deal = Top Pace Winger. Although Dier good player,SELL him 15-20 Million & Buy Kante -Faster Better All -Round –
    Made Leiester Tick. SELL; Lemela To Roma club he likes,while semi-hot,contract ends 1 year & will get Zero.SELL: Deadbeat N’Jie can’t beat any defenders,cross ball,score goals: ANY OFFER!
    SELL: Chadi,Benatab,Massion,Carrol,Omohah. Levi can receive 85 Million + for club.
    USE To Buy Top Players Instead Of Usual Cheap Stop Gaps,To Win Top Spot,European + Cup’s!
    Man United,Man City,Chelsea,Arsenal, are spending money on Top Players & IF WE DON’T Next Season Top 6 Instead Of Top Dog…Levi-Porch Step Up Before Too Late!

  2. Yes of course that’s what we need to do… Sell 8 or more of our squad and spend millions of replacements… Have we not learnt yet that the way Poch has been working for us has been making us progress. No more multi buys and sells. Each year!! Jut a couple of players each way, tops…

    • Maybe but we still need to get rid of chadli, bentaleb, mason, caroll & co and we’d have to replace them somehow because they are just not up to it – no? Not Dier though would rather see Son or Ericsson go first.

  3. I’m not Chadli’s biggest fan, but if having a Belgium international (although not at the Euros) as the worst player in our whole squad then we are not doing too badly…

  4. Would still take Defoe back. Cheap proven option. Always urgent. Those 4 mentioned not good enough. Onamah hasnt got it either. Will Lamela & Eriksen improve more???? 2 or 3 strikers + midfield options. O


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