The problem with having a manager as good as Mauricio Pochettino, is that other teams will inevitably quite fancy having a manager as good as Mauricio Pochettino.

Today saw our boss linked with the Argentina job. There are few clubs jobs that would be more attractive to Poch than the current one he has at Spurs, but the pull of managing your country is a powerful one that is hard to resist, as Sunderland have just found out to their cost.

As you’d imagine, Tottenham fans are not keen on this unwanted interest completely ruining our future. Here’s how they reacted on Twitter.



  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to go man city arsenal Chelsea it’d Liverpool all spending 30 million plus on players and levy is shopping at pound land again

  2. Going out and buying players for big money is not always answer as we know all to well! Just settle down and let him work his magic!!! He’s not going anywhere! Especially another English club! He’s to young to take on the Argentina job! He’d be bored shitless!


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