Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that he got his team wrong against Monaco, so we expect him to go for a tried and tested lineup for the visit of Sunderland.

With Danny Rose out, that means another start for Ben Davies alongside the first choice back four members Kyle Walker, Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghan, ahead of goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

Vertonghen will perhaps count himself a little lucky if he plays after a poor display on Wednesday. The same could be said for Eric Dier, but we’d pick him ahead of Vincent Wanyama due to his familiarity with Mousa Dembele, who surely must make his first start of the season having served his suspension.

Further forward we expect Heung-Min Son to move back to the bench to make way for the trio of Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela. That will be harsh on Son after his two goals against Stoke, but he will no doubt get another chance against Gillingham, as will Harry Kane’s deputy Vincent Janssen.

Here’s our Spurs team to face Sunderland. What’s yours?



    • Yes, all day long.
      We wanted a bigger squad to be able to rotate without compromising the performance. Well we’ve got that now so lets see how brave the manager is. Is he going to make the changes so obviously needed or play the same players week in and out until they drop ?

  1. Funny how everyone wants the same team every game – Whats the point of squad depth if your not going to use them? It’s how injuries happen – Daniel hughes got it spot on – Tripper has to start…Same with Sissoko… Id even play Winks and Moussa D…

    • Agreed with Danial and Bob, although Ernie’s my uncle. 😉 Kane definitely needs to warm the bench as he really seems haggard. The only sticking point with changing it up is how will Poch play Gillingham? If that’s definitely a changed lineup, then how much will he change before the change?

      Anyway, the squad depth this season is way better than last year and is light years ahead of the cup squad featuring Sol-dud-o and Sidewayinho. If Poch isn’t going to trust this new, wider bench then (a) he’s going to face the same burnout he has in his last 3 years and (b) he’s already showing a rigidity than belies his supposed belief in youngsters.

      • I agree with Daniel’s team exactly. For the Gillingham game how about –
        Trippier CCV Wimmer Rose
        Winks Wanyama
        Sissoko Carroll Son

  2. You don’t rotate just for the sake of rotating or just because you have squad depth. You rotate if certain players are underachieving and need a kick up their backsides. The two main culprits these last few games have been Kane and Eriksen. I would rest them and bring on Janssen and Son in their positions. Son, after his MOTM performance against Stoke, deserves another start. Lloris, Walker, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Dembele, Lamela, Alli and Son would be my starting eleven. Kane and Eriksen will be on the bench of course along with Wanyama and Sissoko.

  3. I agree you don’t rotate for the sake of it, but we have alternatives just as good and if one is not performing at the level required, you rotate. If you don’t , players can become a bit jaded and more importantly if players are not getting the opportunity, when you need to call on them , they may not perform due to a lack of playing time. you have to trust all your players and if you don’t, get rid of them.Kane has not been at his best, trying Jansen doesn’t mean Kane becomes an outcast. Ericksen has played one good game, Lamela is overated, where is Wimmer ? . he did so well last season.Trippier must be given a chance some time soon, although I am a fan of Walker.

  4. I thought we had CSKA on Tuesday but it’s the week after..

    So for me it would be

    Walker Toby Jan Davies (Rose if poss)
    Dembele Wanyama
    Lamela Alli Son

    Play Llamela, Eriksen, Dembele, Walker and Kane against CSKA

  5. Kane could be underachieving coz defenders now know how to shut him out. It’s time Poch gives him some support up front by playing two strikers instead of one in certain matches. Janssen’s done very well every time he’s come in as a sub. He’s strong, competitive, hard working and holds the ball well. The trouble is, Kane just drops into the No. 10 position when Janssen comes in. We still play 4-2-3-1 with Janssen now as a lone striker. What I’d like to see Poch try is the good old fashioned (but proven) 4-4-2. But wait. Who’s going to be our Lennon and Bale? And who do you drop to accommodate Janssen?


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