Mauricio Pochettino has given his press conference for the match against Sunderland, though it mainly concentrated on Wednesday’s defeat to Monaco.

The Argentine admitted to having watched the game three times and constantly reiterated his unhappiness with the lack of passion shown by the players.

Pochettino once again broke the managers code by including himself in the collective responsibility for the defeat, labelling himself as “guilty”.

Alson on the agenda were more new contracts, Tottenham’s title chances and an update on Georges-Kevin Nkoudou.

Watch the full press conference below.



  1. We have to imrove our defend.Vertongen and davies was awful against monaco.expecting some changes against sanderlend.Kane looked shattered and has to be benched.

  2. It’s easy to see what should have been done after the event but Harry needs a rest and Jansen needs a run of full games to get used to the Premiership. Erickson seems to turn up only occasionally. Ben Davies just doesn’t seem to have the quality and without Rose we lose the pace going forward. I would move Vertonghen to left back where he plays for Belgium and bring Wimmer into the centre. All of that is just an opinion and I don’t think we need to panic because of the Monaco disappointment!

  3. I like the accountability that this manager shows. His honesty is refreshing. Let us not forget that he was lauded, and rightly so, for what he got us to achieve last season. Players reaching an unknown level of consistency and excellence. Not sure that these powers extend to making players like Davies improve technically ( watching him clamber and kick the ball with his shins in embarrassing at the higher levels ) but, it’s important to keep a balanced perspective. We are not the raging unstoppable juggernaut that the whipped frenzied hysteria and emotional response dictates. But more a cruising Transam ( see kit 2000 ), that despite all the hype and expectation, expectation being good when you don’t forget to actually deliver, occasionally needs Devon and Michael to pull us out of from the rubble and quick sand. As mentioned, I’d drop lamela, Kane and Eriksen for dembele, Siso and Jansen. Only, and I mean only, because the others currently look like dog shit! Lets smash this relegation fodder.



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