We all know Dele Alli has a trick or two in his locker, and he’s proved it time and time again with a number of sumptuous pieces of skill since joining Tottenham.

His favourite trick is quite clearly the nutmeg, given that he seems to try at least one per game.

Most of the time it comes off, and every now and then it comes off twice in a matter of seconds, just as it did against Bournemouth.

You can watch Alli’s double nutmeg below.



  1. Clearly we have an important ‘issue’ that needs to be addressed (Poch?)
    The lack of ‘intelligent football’ in the final third is there for all to see…our forward players do not seem to have the ability to create passing channels or to split the opposition defense with runs between defenders…too many players waiting for the ball to arrive!!!
    The subs today had nothing do with Tuesday’s game, Son spent most of his time hiding behind the B’mouth defence & Alli clearly thinks he’s the star performer in a circus.
    Lamela tries but still has no idea how to release the ball…Eriksen continues to flit ‘around the flame’.
    Poch has created a brilliant platform from which to attack but I have serious doubts the he, and his team, know how to attack in the final third….gonna cost us in the long run.


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