Manchester City are only willing to pay £35 million for Kyle Walker, while Tottenham value the defender at £50 million, according to The Sun.

Walker has been linked with a move to the Etihad for the last couple of months following a reported row with manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The Spurs manager is believed to have concerns over Walker’s fitness and ability to play more than one match a week, something the right-back strongly disagrees with.

Walker lost his place in the starting line-up to Kieran Trippier in big games towards the end of the season, making an exit seem inevitable.

Tottenham apparently value Walker at close to £50 million, but Manchester City want to pay just £35 million, meaning the saga is set to drag on through the summer unless Manchester City pay a huge fee soon.

Wages shouldn’t be a problem for City. Walker earns around £65,000-a-week, which they could easily double.

But with four years left on his contract, you can see why Spurs are keen on receiving big money.



  1. Why not carry out a big sales promo on Walker and sell to a European club where the pace isnt so fast as the EPL…Bayern or Juve…thus his pace would be appreciated. Once they bid around 50m mark or say 45m…then City would raise their bid. At the end, force sale to Euro club…and out of major EPL competitor clutches.

  2. Am surprised City haven’t put in a bid for 5 or 6m. If there is one thing Spurs are renowned for, its selling our best players for knock down prices.

  3. At what point have we ever sold for knock down prices? We have sold which is the bugbear but bale £85m ish berbatov £35m Modric £30m Carrick £18.5m all our best at the time but also top dollar

  4. why would you want to keep a player that has had his head turned? 50 Mil for walker is robbery, he is only so good because of his pace and athleticism, his 27. He will probably be at his peak for 2-3 years. Already have tripper and walk peters as an understudy. We can buy someone of the quality of Lenard with this money. One more gun in the front half with some direction and pace and we will be unstoppable, especially if Lamela can get up and running at some stage. Kane needs an understudy, I could see Josh King working. We need some with some height and pace who can hold the ball up, in that area atleast, Janssen needs competition. Still have faith there is a player there just needs to be a bit more fit and agile like Kane.

  5. Spurs are a team that are going places. The best signing of all was MoPo.
    He is a clever manager and will sign players who fit into his style of play and get rid of players that are not good enough to play for our grand old club.
    In my opinion, Sissoko is the only weakest link. Time to sell him off for as much as we can get.
    £35 mill for Walker would be great business. Levy is a shrewd businessman and could get close to £50 mill they are looking for and the same for Dier. We can then invest heavily in the squad.
    The power of top North London club has shifted and with MoPo at the helm and Levy being shrewd but wise in the transfer market not only can we stay above Arsenal but challenge for the title year on year!
    Defence is solid.
    One or two more central defenders. Wingers either side and at least one, hopefully 2 more strikers to support Kane upfront.
    We have to have a complete quality squad like Chelsea and Man City that even our second team can compete.
    Never before has it looked so rosy for our beautiful club….COYS!!!!

  6. Man City have let their old ageing defence all leave. Let them stew, they will be panic buying soon if they don’t cough up the £50 million. It’s great to see Levy have them over a barrel!!

  7. City have no defence, I wouldn’t sell to a rival, you need your rivals weak you don’t strengthen them. But we need another top striker n two pacey wingers. Let’s buy big not bargain basements or up n coming.

  8. We are in the driving seat. We don’t need to sell as Walker have years left on his contract.

    Also, City is desperate as they recently released their entire defence. If they don’t act soon they’ll end up with a desperate patched together defence that would cost them the league.

    Do they value £50m more or a chance to win the league? IMO £50m is a bargain for the best RB in the PL right now, especially with prices of players being so high in recent years.

    They can’t buy a keeper for £35m and expect to buy the best RB for the same price considering Walker has PL experience so will take less time to settle in a new team.

  9. Levy should tell City to put up or stop chasing Walker. Also should tell them that the £50 million price expires on 1st July when it will rise to £55 million, and on 1st August will rise again to £60 million. They paid £45 million for the defensive disaster Stones, let them pay what Walker is worth.

  10. Citeh are also struggling with the small number of home grown players they have. They have released their two aged right backs plus Navas who played right back last year in an emergency. Walker would be a massive win-win for them; filling a problem position plus home grown whilst weakening a team that they haven’t beaten for 3 years and finished below over the last two seasons. So £35m is a joke. Levy shouldn’t sell to avoid strengthening a rival anyway. And if we do sell, I’d argue £50m ain’t enough! Don’t sell me thinks, Walker will be upset for a few weeks but he’ll get over it once he gets another pay rise (cos let’s not pretend his reason to wanting to leave has to do with anything else but money).

  11. @Tydd Gate

    Exactly that. Especially Walker made a significant amount of contribution to our attack with assists and chances created, even £50m is a bargain.

    Walker is 27 and have many years left in the PL and £50m is peanuts compare to some of the flops other team had brought in, like Xhaka, Sissoko, Mangala, Stones, etc


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