With five new summer arrivals at Tottenham, there’s sure to be plenty of debate around the best eleven Mauricio Pochettino can pick.

The arrivals of Davinson Sanchez and Serge Aurier will give the Spurs boss a genuine selection headache, while Fernando Llorente provides the opportunity for a plan B.

Paulo Gazzaniga and Juan Foyth are likely to be some way off the first-team right now, but the others will be battling for a place in the starting eleven.

So what is Tottenham’s best line-up? I’ve suggested my ideal team below.

Spurs Best XIAurier is verly likely to suit the Premier League, but of course we’re unaware of how quickly Sanchez will settle in England.

If he develops as expected, he’s almost certain to feature in a back three in most games. If not, Mauricio Pochettino has the option of bringing in Eric Dier or Heung-Min Son to change both the personnel and formation.

So what do you think Spurs’ best eleven is? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Son is a better player than Alli, so would put him in instead, unless we are playing four at the back and three attacking midfielders, then they can both play.

    When playing 3 centre backs, I think it would be Alderweireld in the centre and Sanchez to the right, where Dier normally plays.

  2. Definitely best 11 imo. Pace at the back and on the wings.

    Decent subs bench as well of Vorm, Trippier, Davies, Dier, Lamela, Son, Llorente

  3. I wouldn’t split Toby & Jan. Their understanding is well established and I see no sense in disturbing that by putting a newcomer between them – however good.

  4. not a fan of 3 52.. i dont think we have been playing well with this formation and the attacking threat from this formation is very very poor. the classic 4231 have always been banging goals. Not sure why poch loves this system so much.. but i would love to see our B team play for carling or fa cup.

    trippier sanchez foyth davies
    dier winks
    nkodou edwards lamela?? ( he’s been out for like 2years?? wthhh)
    and llorente.

    Poch should let nkodou play more often smh

    • It’s not 3-5-2, though, is it? It’s 3-4-3 (a Guus Hiddink preference.) Wanyama would have to lift his game, if he is to hang on to his starting spot. Most excited to see Aurier play. He’s better in the tackle than Walker or Trippier and every bit as quite as the Manchester City right back.

  5. The weak link for a while will be Danny Rose. He has to back on his game quickly. However with the squad that we have we should pick the team accordingly. To grinned out a result at an away game against say Man city. We could bring in Dier along side wanyamma drop Eriksen and move Dembele up front as a three.
    Apart from that we have to trust in Poch. Nkodou and sissoko need more playing time. He is the dark horse as he will have to play out of his skin to get picked for France.

  6. You can’t play Dembele every game. He throws his body around. I’d alternate with Dier, Dembele with Wayama. Then bring in Winks for 20-30mins to change it up. Son can be used as an option for Eriksen or Alli. Vertongen and Alderwield at the back for big games. Cup matches use Sanches and Foyth. Use them as super subs in league games. Also Lemela will be coming back. Looking forward to that. More importantly…I WANNA SEE EDWARDS!!!

  7. Son,is a great player but not better than Alli com on ….. This looks like a side who would match anyone in the premiership. I think the issue is Wembley everyone who comes ther think they are in a cup final!
    Son as impact player is a great option with Lamela as well but will need some game time, following his injury
    I thin we should build the team around Dembele as the ball looks kie it is attached to his feet by elastic and he pushes forward quickly therefore giving Rose and Aurier the opportunity to play down the wings using their speed to get forward.

  8. We should give Trippier more of a chance to prove himself and try Eriksen in a deeper role instead of Dembele in a 3-4-3 with son Ali and Kane upfront

  9. Trippier first choice right back for me. Sure Aurier is going to be a great player but Trippier was really beginning to establish himself. His crosses are lethal and Llorente will also enjoy getting on the end of them. Poch will rotate fullbacks regularly though as he asks so much from them getting up and down the flanks. Also, I reckon Foyth might feature more regularly than people are predicting. Good window though IMO.

  10. eriksen dosnt really work well in a deeper role as we saw against chelsea and i think that he should be given free liscence 2 roam about tge pitch cos hes the 1 that makes things happen. Completely agree with the team apart from maybe trippier.

  11. Id go with a 4231 with the the Belgium duo in the middle and surge and rose out wide. Wanyama has not looked good to me so far so id put Dier and Dembele there with winks coming on for Dembele for the last 30. Then son alli and eriksen in that order left to right with obviously the best stiker in the league upfront. I love our options off the bench but if no one noticed, that draw to Burnley, due to Trippier out of position numerous times, saw it comin and unless Sanchez blows Poch away in training, id stick with the back 4 but the option of him on the right of a back 3 is a good one for the future.

  12. Sometimes against the bus parkers, I think Son is better to start than Alli. When we need that early goal he’ll run his socks off, then bring Alli on for the destroy. Looks very nice that team on paper, hope the newbies settle quickly.

  13. 3421 will be our best option against big teams. Pace, power and skills. I believe Sanchez will augment both Alderweireld and Ventongen and with both Rose and Aurier on the wings we can cause teams a lot of problems. Eriksson and Alli pairing is a solid support for Kane. Dembele is a must and paired with either Dier and Wanyama. That leaves us a solid bench of impact players. I think we had a good window in the end……COYS


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