Eric Dier claims he did not consider submitting a transfer request to force a move to Manchester United during the summer transfer window, according to the Manchester Evening News.

There is no direct quote stating the above in the report, but author Samuel Luckhurst writes the following: “Eric Dier insists he had no intention of asking for a transfer request amid interest from Manchester United.”

The Tottenham midfielder was heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford earlier in July, but nothing materialised.

Even without direct quotes, I think it’s clear Dier didn’t attempt to force a move. Mauricio Pochettino is believed to be a big fan of the 23-year-old, so an exit was always unlikely.

Dier was on the scoresheet for England on Monday evening.



  1. Dier should start with Dembele in a 4 2 3 1for Spurs in PL and CL as his and Dembele are more likely to score than either Winks or Wanyama…..based on int form.

  2. Was it “a failed move”? To the best of my knowledge, United were given short-shrift when they made enquiries. There was never any suggestion that he even remotely agitated for a move. Aside from in the most generalised sense that he might be “interested” in a move if an offer was accepted (which never happened and was never going to happen), there was never any credible !know to him wanting to move. That is apart from the sensationalist claims that he was “, desperate to leave”, based on the dragging up of an interview from seven years ago by a Manchester local paper.

  3. Those rumores during the summer, made by Manchester United fan, the author Samuel Luckhurst. One day Mr Luckhurst wrote: “Eric Dier desperately want to move to MU”


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