Hugo Lloris has suggested his decision to stay with Tottenham instead of leaving three years ago has been justified by the progress the club has made under Mauricio Pochettino.

The Frenchman considered leaving Spurs in the summer of 2014 before Pochettino was appointed.

But he decided to stay and is now glad he did.

He told the Press Association: “From the first moment I believed in Pochettino, and that’s it.” (Quotes published by ESPN.)

“I don’t need that [result in Madrid] to say yes, I was right [to stay] at the time. It was just my feeling when I met him. Now I just enjoy the football we play. Sometimes in football you live great moments, and you live some sad moments.

“But there is a great potential in the squad, a great project in our club, and I am looking forward to seeing this development. I try my best to help the team and the club to develop.”



  1. Hugo has proved his class time and time again. To say he believed in Pochettino from the very start proves the quality and professionalism that Poch has instilled in his squad. The whole squad(group as they call it now!) are moving in ine direction?!!
    The media fatuation to sell our players is proving to me that the few so called elite clubs have so much control of them that it is embarrassing!!!


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