According to the Telegraph, new Manchester United signing Alexis Sanchez will earn “around £600,000 a week once a £20 million signing on fee, bonuses and image rights are factored in.”

That’s a staggering amount of money, particularly when you consider Harry Kane is paid a reported £110,000-a-week by Tottenham.

With bonuses and image rights thrown in, Kane probably earns closer to £150-200,000. Still, that is substantially less than Sanchez.

It raises a difficult question: Are Spurs now under pressure to offer their stars huge wages?

A number of key Tottenham players are expected to be offered new, improved contracts in the near future, including Kane.

The striker has scored 21 Premier League goals this season – Sanchez has scored seven.

There is no chance Daniel Levy will offer any player Sanchez-level wages, but Kane and others must be wondering what they are truly worth.

It will be interesting to see how Sanchez’s salary affects the rest of the Premier League. Hopefully Spurs can tie down their star players sooner rather than later.



  1. It puts pressure on United and shows how pathetic they have become in they desperate, and failed, attempts to remain The Big Fish after Ferguson’s retirement. And the funny thing is, the backbone of their success under Ferguson came from a cadre of young academy players. Now they have no plan but trying to outspend City and Chelsea.

    As for Kane, no matter how much the weasely money obsessed media try to shift the focus, he has said it is not all about money for him – and various team-mates have reiterated that.

  2. The fact is is, if Spurs capitulated and paid Kane these hyper wages of £500,000 per week then the mega rich clubs would simply start paying a £1000000 per week. They would have no choice otherwise teams like Spurs would also have the pick of players. And so the cycle would go on. It’s the fans that pay these ludicrous amounts through inflated entrance fees and TV subscriptions. I’ve been a Spurs season ticket holder for 30+ years and I honestly hope the bubble bursts. Reality needs to kick in.

  3. What a load of bollocks. Pathetic nonsense. Quite how Schanzes wages will effect Kane is beyond me. If anything it will effect Manchester United have made a rod for their own backs and their own so called superstars who will undoubtedly demand parity with Sanchez. Quite honestly mate, you’d be better off writing short stories for the Beano and Dandy comics.

  4. Sorry my & keys are ot workig after I spilt eer over my keyoard durig aother iept display, however will use my virtual. Your comments do raise an important point. should there be a wage cap, should all clubs have a maximum transfer budget and the player pays the fat cat agents. I believe for the good of English football this should be implemented to encourage young English players into the game, ok might lose some foreign players but is that such a great loss?
    Fed up with this loody keyoard so over to you
    COYS o


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