There was plenty of controversy following Tottenham’s 2-2 draw at Liverpool on Sunday.

Spurs were awarded two penalties, with Harry Kane missing one and scoring the other. But both were seen to be contentiously awarded.

After the game, Sky Sports consulted former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher, who revealed both incidents were right be given as penalties.

For the first one, he explained that while Kane was in an offside position when Dele Alli played the ball, Dejan Lovren’s attempted clearance (and the contact he made with the ball) made Kane onside.

Gallagher praised the linesman for the second incident; he had the best view of Virgil van Dijk’s kick and correctly awarded a penalty. (Although there is still a debate as to whether Erik Lamela was offside in the build-up.)

You can watch Gallagher’s explanations below.



  1. Ali’s pass was touched twice, firstly by Wijnaldum and then Lovren. H Kane was therefore not offside as he received the ball after being touched/kicked by an opponent. Much like Salah’s goal, he was in a offside position but was not ‘offside’ because the ball came off Dier. (funny the Pool supporters forget this and somehow it’s “different” when it happens to a spurs player).

    Re: Lamela pen. I’d love to know how somebody would react if they were kicked very hard in the back of the thigh with a football boot, it would bloody well hurt and that was a natural reaction by Lamela. Lamela can go where he likes in the pen area, he doesn’t have to move out of anybody’s way (Pool supporters seem to think he got in VVD way!).

    Histrionics from the pool supporters I think. You had 34% possession at home and less shots than the visitors but you were robbed eh?! Don’t make me laugh.

  2. We’ll ignore the fact that Lovren had both arms around Lamela holding him when the throw comes in as well. All the debate over offside or not, penalty or not, is actually irrelevant just for that holding.

    As for the Kane penalty, I believe Karius has said himself that his shoulder made contact with Kane. End of story…

  3. I don’t know Liverpool fans are complaining about both penalties we’re correct by ex ref Dermot Gallagher an nd praised the officials getting the right and statistics proved how much tottenham were the better team


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