Mauricio Pochettino says he manages Tottenham like he will be at the club forever, suggesting he will sign a new contract in the near future.

Last week reports suggested Spurs are set to offer Pochettino and a number of key players new contracts in the coming months after announcing record profits.

The Argentinian appears to have earned the long-term trust of chairman Daniel Levy by securing Champions League football and pushing for the Premier League title in successive seasons.

A title challenge has eluded Tottenham this year, but the club looks set to qualify for next season’s Champions League after moving ten points clear of fifth-placed Chelsea at the weekend.

Speaking to Sky Sports last week, Pochettino hinted he would be happy to stay at Spurs for many years to come.

“It is always in my nature to work like you are going to be at the club forever, for your life,” he said.

“That is the commitment with the club, and to understand what the club expects from you, and try to deliver it for the club. That is our job.

“Every season I think we improve. We signed nearly four years ago, and from the beginning we tried to reduce the gap and create a project to arrive at a very position for the new stadium, and to have the possibility to fight to be in the Champions League.

“We are ahead in that project. I think in the same way, the facilities the club is delivering for us is fantastic.

“We have one of the best training grounds in the world, and we are going to have one of the best stadiums. I think Tottenham is an exciting project, present and future.”

Pochettino has become one of the least divisive figures at the club in recent months, with most Tottenham fans more than happy for him to be the man in the dugout.

Spurs are yet to win a trophy since Pochettino arrived in 2014, but they will have their best chance to do so yet if they get past Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final later this month.



  1. “Pochettino has become one of the least divisive figures at the club in recent months, with most Tottenham fans more than happy for him to be the man in the dugout”

    What are you talking about? ‘Least divisive’?

    Is there literally one sane Tottenham fan in the world who wants him to leave?

  2. You’d be surprised Charles. Not a game goes by without some idiots calling for certain players to be sold. Not so long ago there were plenty of idiots on twitter calling for Eriksen to be dropped and over the last couple of days I’ve seen “get Lloris out of my club” tweets. When we had that autumn mini slump there were people saying “Poch had been found out”. Social media can be a dangerous thing in the hands of idiots. The only reason I want us to win the FA Cup is to see what reasons pundits and writers will come up with as to why we won’t be able to hang onto players. Right now it’s a lack of silverware. Once we cross that bridge and raise the wage cap I’ll be interested as to what is thought up.

  3. I think Mauricio is one of the finest managers we have ever had and I have been a supporter for over 75 years. He critisises his players when necessary but compliments them when they deserve it. He is a person who does not shoot his mouth off like some managers I could name. His philosophy on football is tremendous and Daniel Levy should be proud of his achievements so far. long may they continue.

  4. Spot on Jack. Mauricio is a wonderful manager, working with a brilliant chairman. The two compliment each other, and both are totally committed to the Spurs project. We have a highly talented squad of players, a great team, and success is not far away. We will finish as the top London side this season, back in the Champions League next season, and by adding extra talent to our squad in the summer, plus moving into our new stadium, we will be THE team to beat! COYS

  5. Love porch does not mone when things don’t go Spurs wayalways praises his players even when they lose just needs a bit of luck and the backing of the board and the sky’s the limit he also dose not let unsettled players disrupt the squad best manager subsequently bill nick may go on compet with him

  6. Like earlier mentioned just want us to win fa cup that would put most pundits on the dole but even if we don’t weve still improved again this year, 20 minutes European inexperience cost us a CL Q/F, matched what we done last year in fa cup and could still finish 2nd (although I reckon 3rd) and for the last 4/5 months best team in the prem…..if this beautiful team can keep it up for 8 more games we are there and all done without apparently the best CB and LW/LWB in the world…..we have no worries my fellow yids the futures bright the futures white COYS

  7. Well, if we win F- all but keep Poch and his team playing like we are at the moment I’ll be happy – don’t misconstrue that – I, like every Spurs Supporter, wants to win trophies but keeping what we have at spurs right now is better than winning any trophy.

  8. As a fan from birth (family issue) and that is 70 years! Spurs are playing the most exciting football I can recall, and that includes 60’s cup double side.
    We have the best owners (for long term sustainability) in enic, and by far the best chairman in any league. Our manager is precisely the type of manager we need at this stage in the club’s history. I consider him one of the best in Premiership. But possibly THE best at bringing talent on.
    These are exciting times at our club. We have some of the very best Premiership players. The best training facilities, and soon the best stadium; something akin to a rebirth.
    Let’s all embrace it.


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