The FA has issued an official apology to Tottenham and Manchester United following a social media incident during Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, according to reports.

After the game, which United won 2-1, the FA’s official Twitter account posted a video of Chris Smalling saying “Harry Kane”, with the caption: “What’s in your pocket, Chris”.

ESPN claims both Spurs and United were angered by the tweet, while Kane was left “bemused and disappointed”. Senior figures at the FA were also “furious” at the situation.

The tweet has since been deleted, but over 20,000 retweets ensured it was widely seen before being removed.

It’s easy to see why Kane and Spurs are reacting angrily to the continued jibes towards the striker, which started after he claimed a contentious goal against Stoke City earlier this month.

Jokes among supporters are to be expected, but Kane’s fellow professionals and the organisations he represents – the FA, for instance – seem to be forgetting their responsibilities somewhat.

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  1. The FA are already a joke amongst the football ‘world’. Would suggest they look at themselves before commenting on any footballer from any team in any league.
    As an organisation you are crap!!


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