Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier says Sunday’s defeat to Arsenal “felt like a derby again” despite the negative result.

Dier was involved in a fracas while passionately celebrating his headed equaliser after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had given Arsenal the lead from the penalty spot.

Harry Kane then scored a spot-kick of his own to turn the game around before the break, but second half goals from Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Lucas Torreira handed the Gunners all three points.

It was a difficult day for Spurs, but after the match Dier admitted there was one “nice thing” about the occasion.

“The nice thing about Sunday is that it felt like a derby again,” he said (via BT Sport).

“I don’t think it’s felt like that for quite a few years and football needs these kind of games. If you take the emotion out of these games then you’re ruining football.

“It can go for or against you at times but at least it felt like it felt like a derby again from everyone’s point of view. That’s really good for football. But we’re not happy when we lose any game and it’s no different.”

Dier has received some flack after his shushing celebration backfired, but the enthusiasm the 24-year-old showed for the derby can only be a good thing in the long run.

It’s important the players know what is at stake in this fixture, and both sets of players showed sufficient passion to make Sunday a memorable occasion.

It’s just a shame Tottenham couldn’t hold onto their lead – hopefully there is a different outcome in the EFL Cup quarter-final later this month.



  1. Spurs got destroyed and embarrassed by Arsenal. They were humiliated in great fashion after a week of arrogance where ex Spurs players gave Arsenal no chance.
    With Tottenham one thing certain is that if you attack them they will crumble in the later stages of the game. Arsenal are a team that start slowly but get better as the game progresses. This suited Arsenal.
    Although I respect what Tottenham are doing with their progress and development of young players there is a tragedy about them which means they will alway eventually ‘cock’ things up.


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