Former Tottenham winger Georges-Kevin Nkoudou scored his first goal for new club Besiktas on Sunday.

Nkoudou struggled to adapt to English football after joining Spurs from Marseille in 2016 and finally left on a permanent deal this summer.

The Frenchman provided his first assist for Besiktas last month but immediately suffered a setback when he sustained a thigh injury straight after.

After missing the last three Super Lig games, Nkoudou returned and bagged a brilliant winner as Besiktas beat Denizlispor 1-0 this weekend. Watch his goal below.



  1. According to the writer, he failed to adapt to English football. Yes, what a shame you could not expond on that. He fail to adapt to the lunacy of Pochitino, so do Njie. Janssen, Llorente. Moura and he does not destroy Parrot, who should be playing first team football. There are 2 players on record that the clueless manager stuck with Lamela and Sissoko. He has made a mockery on managing the talent on the roster. Now his over use of Kane is beginning to show. No one to step in and fill tje void when Kane is out. He never saw a moment when Kane can be pulled from a game to perserve or allow his undestudy minutes, he kept Kane grinding and chasing ghost 90 + no matter what the score and situation is. Do u all see Kane running like he has concrete shoes on?

    • You’re insane Paul. Who are you going to replace him with? NJie NKoudou Janssen simply not good enough.
      Our “clueless manager” just took us to heights we’ve never previously experienced. Levy has Poch’s hands tied with tight budget, leaving everything last min and not signing anyone for three windows. Youre a twat! Wake up! COYS!

      • You dont of to agree with me, but you can show some respect in your response. Don’t be an idiot. Poch has taken us as far as he can, period. The people i mentioned were done in by his poor game management and substitution pattern. You can not on average making changes in the 80th minute of games and expect those players to have time to impact the game. He been doing that for 6 year and the starting 11 produce those results. He coild never see a time he can rest Kane and Erik by pulling then from games we were losing or games we were so far ahead. He played them into the ground. Case in point. When we played Belgrade last week, we were up by 4 early second half. Why would you play Kane 90 minutes, when you need to take a look at the player that can step in as his backup. What he did with Janssen was subbing him in the 86th minute of games for him to go produce. So give facts and not insults. Poch just like players has lost his way as a manager and no matter what he does on the training ground or fhe back rooms, he is being judge on match days and it aint pretty. So take your insults and shove it. I am Spurs fan for over 40yrs. So dont tell about where we coming from. I know and see and respect him for that. But he is max out, time for him to go.

    • I get what you mean Paul. Poch is great at some things and bad with others. His use of slow and less dynamic players in the final third have left players like nkoudou and moura out. I agree with you point on Kane as well he never gets hooked Even when he’s doing nothing like in the cl final. I’m just waiting for the day in which poch starts moura Kane and son all together as a front three.

  2. It fills me with pleasure that now practically all our fans on the various websites are “destroying” Pocc.I was If not the 1st, one of the 1sts to do so weeks and months ago.I felt as though I was the only one and at the time was slapped down on many occasions by fans standing up for him.Well it appears that I was and am correct.
    How long is it going to take Daniel Levy to realise that we are in the biggest crisis I can recall since our relegation year of 1976/7.We could very well end up in the same manner as that year.

    • No we not going down, but we will be like West Ham and l them other teams playing spoiler in middle of the table if this madness continues. Maybe having just the Cup games and Fa cup will light a new fire in the organization. Weird as this may sound, most of the teams around the league has not improve in drastic fashion. Chelsea was top 4, Tottenham regress and fell out replaced by Leicester. The gap at the top with Under achiever like, Arsenal, Manchester, everton to this point will change come Christmas when the toll of the schedule kicks in the big boys will jostling in the top ten. The fight for Europa will be stiff getting that 6th place. Arsenal. Spurs and ManU 2 places for 3 teams.

  3. As a Spurs fan Poch has taken us from one level to another high level in the years he’s been there, I don’t think he can deliver any Silverware anytime soon. At times he talks a lot of crap and he’s too predictable in game plan, does not have a plan b when needed, too many times he leaves subs to play for 5 mins, and throw away games after taking lead. Spurs need somebody like Allegri or Mourhino COYS

    • You hit it right there. He has maxed out. His weakest trait of game management has severely overtaken any and all the good things he does out of sight. Game day is what we see and there are no other way to judge him.
      Great points.

  4. You hit it right there. He has maxed out. His weakest trait of game management has severely overtaken any and all the good things he does out of sight. Game day is what we see and there are no other way to judge him.
    Great points.


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