With the year 2021 now here, it is important to look back at the 2020 Spurs season in all its complicated glory. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has had on the world of soccer, players from all over the world have fared differently. In light of this, here are the letter grades for every Tottenham player for the 2020 soccer season.


Harry Kane: While Kane might currently be absent due to injury, he put forward an impressive performance this season. He was able to deliver 17 goals in 25 matches despite having to sit out some games. Definitely a winner in our book.

Heung-min Son: While Son did receive a number of red cards this season, he still gets an A grade thanks to his impressive performance with 9 goals and 7 assists. He also scored the coveted league’s Goal of the Season, earring him an A. If picking Hotspurs players was like playing slots at a casino, you’d definitely want your number to fall on Son.


Hugo Lloris: Lloris earns a B for his amazing recovery following his injury. Who can forget how instrumental he was in the defeat of Man City by the Hotspurs. Soccer loves a good comeback story and Lloris provided one for the ages.

Lucas Moura: This underrated player has been an asset to the club for this season and while he has yet to recreate the magic of the 2018 and 2019 season which saw hum deliver 15 goals across all leagues, he has been an efficient player this season and warrants a good grade.

Dele Alli: Alli has delivered reliably this season such as in the club’s defeat of Bournemouth and while he isn’t necessarily delivering stunning performances this season, it is hard to imagine the Hotspurs enjoying the success they’ve had this season without his contributions. Hopefully, his performance improves moving forward.


Tanguy Ndombele: Ndombele has been a polarizing player for the team, mostly because he has given polarizing performances. He’s either been exceptionally good or laughably dull. This has been the case throughout the 2020 season and fans are getting frustrated, calling for more consistency and improved appearances from him.

Giovani Lo Celso: He shows great promise based on his Champions League performance but has not been quite as efficient in his Premier League appearances. At the same time, his career still shows great promise and his performance could pick up in 2021.

Moussa Sissoko: Before the season suspension, Sissoko had been delivering stellar performances but at the beginning of the season, his performances had been lacklustre. Here’s hoping he returns with improvement.


Harry Winks: The midfielder has been painfully unremarkable this season with unnoteworthy performances.

Eric Dier: Compared to a few seasons ago, Dier has not been making waves as he should and his appearances in the most recent season leave a lot to be desired

The 2020 season, like the year 2020, was unpredictable, but these are our rankings of Spurs players. From those who defied expectations to those who are in serious need of a comeback appearance.



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