Pandemic or not, the 2020 soccer season ended up being one of the more interesting ones in recent years and the Spurs took centre stage, currently ranking 7th on the Premier League table with more matches on the way. With their impressive performance this season and a new year upon us, it is worth taking a look back at Tottenham’s history.

More specifically, it is worth taking a look at those past members of the team that has set the stage for what to expect of the Hotspurs and inspired generations of soccer players and fans alike. These names have attained legendary status in pubs, viewing centers, casinos, and anywhere else sports fans gather.

Here are some of the top Hotspurs legends:

Ted Ditchburn: Ditchburn played for Tottenham over 60 years ago, from 1939 to 1958, and is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers for the team of all time. At a point in his career, he had a streak of 247 consecutive starts and upon his death, his obituary stated that “For a generation and beyond, Ted Ditchburn was the yardstick by which all Tottenham Hotspur goalkeepers were judged.”
This prophecy has proven to be true as he set the standard for all those who came after him even many decades following his career.

Gary Mabbutt: Few players anywhere in the world can boast of Mabbutt’s perseverance. During his career, he suffered a broken leg, diabetes, and even needed facial reconstruction at one point. Despite this, he went on to help the team win both the UEFA Cup in 1984 and the FA Cup in 1991 during his time as the captain. He acted also as a midfielder, defender, and attacker at various points.
As such, Mabbutt got an all-around experience during his time on the team in which he played over 600 matches across 16 seasons, an impressive run for any athlete’s career.

Mike England: Mike England had an impressive 22-year career with his appearances for Tottenham accounting for over half. The 6’3 player worked as both a defender and a forward and his physical ability and height worked in his favor as he often switched easily between the two. Some of his notable appearances include the UEFA Cup in 1972 and 1974 and during this time, he scored 36 goals over 17 years in the premiership.
His career is practically synonyms with versatility and skill and he has even been inducted in the Tottenham Hotspur Hall of Fame, making him a certified legend of the team.

As the current soccer season unfolds, even more, the above gives a glimpse into the Hotspurs’ legends of the past.




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