Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has said every coach would like to have Harry Kane in their team amid speculation about the Tottenham star’s future.

Kane has been linked with Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United (via the Athletic) after admitting he may move on from Spurs this summer.

And Tuchel waxed lyrical about the striker’s ability in his press conference on Friday.

The German said he would be keen to learn things about “scoring and attacking” by speaking with Kane, but he would not be drawn on whether Chelsea are actually interested in signing the England captain.

“If you find any coach around the world who would not like to have Harry Kane in his team, call me again,” Tuchel told reporters (via the Guardian).

“I would like to speak with the guy and hear about his ideas of scoring and attacking. Everybody loves Harry Kane but let’s be very, very clear, he is a player for Tottenham. He has a long-term contract and we will not get involved in any press conference with any disrespectful comments about that.”

In the Guardian’s write-up of the quotes, the headline suggests Tuchel said Kane is a genuine target for Chelsea – but what he actually said doesn’t add up to that.

Of course, every Premier League team would take Kane in a heartbeat if he was affordable. However, Chelsea will surely be outsiders in the race to sign the 27-year-old given their rivalry with Tottenham.

In any case, this transfer saga is only just beginning.



  1. I think everyone has massively misread what Tuchel said lol.

    He said any Coach who would not like to have in his team, call him so he can speak with him about his ideas of attacking. As in, any coach who doesn’t rate Kane is nuts.

    You’ve all fallen for the oldest trick in the book, some journo has deliberately separated the guys words into two distinct paragraphs to give them impression he was talking about Kane.


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