I was fully expecting to have to rename this feature ‘TottenhamBlog v Lawro v Stelling’ in light of Andy Gray’s recent misdemeanors, but it seems that Betfair are more forgiving than Sky. He probably keeps their editors pretty busy though. In the last round of this competition, no one managed to pick out the result of the Newcastle game, leaving the the table still looking like this:

Mark Lawrenson: 19
TottenhamBlog: 14
Jeff Stelling: 10
Andy Gray: 8

This week everyone is going for a Spurs win. Can Bolton spring an upset?

Andy Gray: Spurs 2 Bolton 0
Mark Lawrenson: Spurs 2 Bolton 0
Jeff Stelling: Spurs 1 Bolton 0
TottenhamBlog: Spurs 2 Bolton 1



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