The Daily Mail almost gleefully links some of our best players with moves away from the club but today they have reversed that trend and suggested that Real Madrid frontman Gonzalo Higuain could be coming to Spurs in a deal worth around £16m.

Higuan has been at Real since 2007 after joining from River Plate and throughout his club career he has averaged over a goal every other game. Born in France, he attained Argentine nationality and so far the player has won thirteen caps for his country and has scored seven times.

Still only 23, Higuain is powerful in the air and quick on the ground and could be a perfect option for Spurs. However, while the fee is quoted by the press as being a ‘cut price’ £16m, his wages may still be a little bit off Tottenham’s radar and reports suggest that Arsenal and Manchester City are also interested in acquiring the player’s services.

The race for a new striker will be hotting up as the summer progresses but is Higuain the man that Spurs should seriously look at?



  1. We can look at him but that is as far as we would get I’d imagine. See below:

    1. We couldn’t match his wages

    2. He would probably want CL football

    3. Available at that price, his list of suitors would be many

    4. It’s the Daily Mail. Linking him with us means that they can then gloat when he goes elsewhere.

  2. Wages are to high
    He will not go to spurs instead of Arsenal or Chelski
    Will want Champions League football
    Its the daily mail

  3. We are in the hunt for a “world class striker” someone that is reliable and us as spurs fans know that he is going to bag at least a goal every other game!

    Gonzalo Higuain matches this criteria fantastically and I may well be in dream land here but I could actually see a player like him playing for us and slotting in to our style of football! he would be fantastic for us I dont think there is any question there.

    However the facts stand that unfortunatley were not in champs league this comming season so I dont honestly think he can or will consider us.

    What he will know however is that he would play week in week out for us and would be a “star man” for us and flowing attacking team rather than potentially going to a top 3 team in any of england spain or italy and sit on the bench every other match?

    Love to hear other peoples thoughts on these comments!

  4. Im going to just copy the post above. Hold on, no, I have my own voice! 1)If he is worth having, he will drop his wage to play rather than keep high wages to sit on the bench. If not, we dont want him. 2)He isnt getting champs league at the moment do to not playing. 3)He wouldnt go chel to sit on the bench as he is now. 4) Arse my have champs league but nothing more than that so it means nothing. revert to no 1.

    Spurs have as much chance as any team

  5. Well, we do appear to have a good relationship with Madrid – but no, let’s be honest boys and girls; he’s too good for us.

    • Bobbles, what sort of a fan are you? Take a good look at the front men that have graced the Lane in the last 50 years – Bobby Smith, Greaves, Lineker, Klinsmann, Clive Allen, Crooks, Archibald, Berbatov, Keane, Defoe.. No one is too good for us.
      What striker wouldn’t want to play in front of Modric, Bale, Hudd et al?

  6. All together now… I HAVE A DREAM.I HAVE A DREAM. oooo Higuain almost rhymes with dream. Yeah lets skulk around the ditches of the footy world. Carlton Cole? Hugo Rodellega? Osvaldo?…c’mon We’re THFC ffs.

  7. Hey there, I am a Madrid fan. I don’t think El Pipita will move. He is loved by Bernabeu. He was also a signing by Perez. He is in top form & was our best goalscorer season before last. Players only move out of Real when they are surplus to our requirements, Pipita is definitely needed. And the price tag of 15 mill euro is a disgrace. 35 million is his minimum worth.

  8. It would be odd if he left. He is better than Benzema, better than Adebayor. Why would you sell that talent? Spurs obviously would not pay the wages he commands…

  9. Yes.. the answer is No.
    I have to agree with Harvey the Hudd.. He would be a good addition but I doubt Real would let him leave or that we would want to ruin our wage structure and Bubbles, a true football fan sees the positives in his team and of those we have a lot.


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