Spurs players were back in training last week and it seems that Rafael van der Vaart has had the most to say ahead of the new season.

The Dutch international is enjoying his first pre-season at Spurs Lodge and is relishing the task ahead and meanwhile he has given some hope to Spurs fans who regarded him as too injury-prone last term,

“We have a tough pre-season, we go to South Africa and you want to stay fit for the whole season, so you need these sessions,” VDV said.

“I can remember when I came here, okay, I had pre-season at Madrid and I felt quite fit but here, the pace of the game is more intense than in Spain and that’s why I had a few little injuries.

“At the end I played a lot of games and I hope to do the same next season.”

Many fans felt that Rafa disrupted the shape of the team and was difficult to accommodate in the side. Certainly his injuries didn’t help but a clean bill of health would certainly make a difference next year. Meanwhile, VDV at least is happy at the club.

“In the first year you come into the club and you don’t really know anyone, you are a little nervous and you have to get used to the league, the lifestyle, but now we’re really settled and I feel great here,” he added.



  1. Van Der Vaart disrupts our play, yeh makes sense, since when does scoring the most goals and getting the most assists, whilst being nominated for the PFA player of the year and single handedliy destroying Arsenal twice in one season disrupt a team.

    Have a laugh

    What disrupted the team was having 4 strikers who were crap all year.

    That fact was proven when we went to 442 and had 2 of them upfront being a nuisance together.

    VDVaart with one quality striker would cause HAVOC.

    Modric can piss off no end product, exactly the opposite of what VDVaart is!!

  2. BTW did you see the stats in The Sun today.

    Apparently we score more, concede less and win more when Modric ISN’T in the team.

    Probably due to the fact that he fucks about with it soo much in the middle of the park before balooning it over the bar, yeh great to watch but goals win matches.

    Hudd can do nothing all game but then score a cracker, much like Niko, which gets us points, Modric should go Barca and play with Xavi, thats the only club in the world that allows for a link man to divert responsibility of scoring onto your team mates

  3. Mr. Harris: You need to start a blog about the Modric issue.
    This is a much bigger topic and with possible far reaching consequences for this season and indeed the future.
    Make no mistake, this is going to be a long summer….

  4. Jay words are cheap facts are not if you did what i did you would relise our team suffered from Huddlestone missing and energised drugged defences. We have dirty tackles fights chewing gum players even goalkeeper and loads of shocks and sudden deaths. How do i no well before Paddy Kenny and Kolo both defenders Liverpool where reported and since then the two mentioned have failed tests so please don’t judge Defoe who was injured for two months and came back early and then got the bench to accommodate Van these too scored 28 goals Crouch and Defoe how many times did they play together not many, So the saying hurry in haste repnt in leisure spribgs to mind

  5. The sun is spot on but when Modric lines up with Huddlestone he comes alive thats anothe true fact i written this before the sun and i spent a whole three hours trawling our magazines and Hudds and King are the most important two and any other system will win if these two play.


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