The name of Salomon Rondon first appeared here a couple of weeks ago but like many of the transfer rumours surrounding the club, it quickly went away again. That name has appeared again today but there are different stories regarding the Malaga striker’s future.

Some rumours suggest that the Venezuelan international is ready to leave the club and that cash strapped Malaga are happy to accept as little as £10m for his services.

Meanwhile, other sources are using this quote from the player which indicates that he would like to stay where he is.

“We must not throw more wood on the fire,” Rondon said. “We will keep training and not make any rash decisions. We need to keep cool heads, but if the situation is not fixed it is normal that players would leave.

“If someone has to leave, they will leave. But I have two years of my contract remaining and would like to stay here.”

Those that suggest Rondon is on his way to Spurs have only used part of that quote and conveniently left out the bit that states that the player wants to stay. When you look at that full quote however, this looks like another non-starter.



  1. Can you believe its August and we only have 1 striker, espeicially when you consider Defoe cant play up top on his own and therefore is useless in an AVB system which he will find out before long.

    I honestly think we need 3 strikers and considering strikers usually have the highest valuations.

    Well we have never replaced Berba and with the Pav, Keane and Crouch money we should invest in some now.

    I would like Leandro, Adebayor and then a young striker who can play on the wing.

  2. i dont know I got a good feeling about Remy i think he’d be burst into flames in this league. He’d be perfect for AVBS system hes quick can dribble but is also powerful and good in the air. Hes better then sturrage and def better the Walcot.


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