Tottenham have long been in need of a snarling defensive midfielder and it looks like the vacancy has been finally filled.

Eric Dier has been brilliant all season, but his performance last night was something else. Dier released his dark side in a heated match against Chelsea, committing several vicious fouls of the type that should come accompanied by an ’18’ rating.

How Dier stayed on the pitch is a mystery worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but one thing’s for sure. The days of teams thinking that Spurs are a soft touch, are now gone.

Watch this amazing Vine of Dier demolishing Chelsea. You need the sound on for the full effect.



  1. Console yourselves with that video while the rest of London enjoy a very happy summer free from Spurs bigmouths boasting about winning the title. It would have been terrible to witness Spurs pikeys winning it.

  2. You got to laugh at these Chelsea faggots. They have the most gay fans in Europe , the highest AIDS rates, they cry like lil bitchs and are just complete pussies. Fucking embarrassing cunt of a club .

    • Rampant homophobia from fans? check
      Best season ever and still behind Leicester? Check
      Shat the bed, lost the title? check
      Players banned at the start of the season? Check
      Babies crying like a bitch in the post match interview? Check

  3. Hilarious listening to Spurs fans giving it large for being 2nd!!!
    Their best ever season and the were NEVER top not even for a minute! LOL
    And their best ever season is only 3 pts better than Arsenal’s worst!

    For the record – its 53 YEARS since they finished 2ND!!! 53 YEARS!!!!
    And of course – 55 YEARS since they won a title.
    That is why they are a SMALL club. And always will be.

    COYS = Can Only Yearn Success

    • How is this Arsenals worst season you prick. You sim for top 4 and get top 4, same as every other season. This time you all boo and cry because you’re below Spurs not because you’re doing any worse than usual. Bunch of idiots.

  4. Well done SPURS!!!!!!!! You made Chelsea looking like a very small PL team “celebrating” a draw with a top gun in their home soil.

  5. firstly well done Leicester. secondly kudos to their supporters. Which brings me to my next point. Why are they not gloating? seems to me it’s only tossers from the lower ranks mouthing off. blinding video btw

  6. You know that we have really sunk low when this is what gives us joy after bottling it. Giving up leads in consecutive matches after beating United 3-0..we are starting to think like the small teams. We should expect more of ourselves. Our best season ever should have had a title, guess what? We’re here saying,”We’re glad we ripped their shins up!”, really?? Been to lots of forums, but here, we have sunk below the dust.
    Spurs fan for 69 years here

  7. I would be really embarrassed if the fans of my team were celebrating a draw on home soil. Just shows the clubs ambition is so tiny. Small club Chelski.

    • We haven’t beaten them for 26 years there and they don’t like us, it’s a rivalry. Picture if we had done the same thing to them, personally I would throw a party. We wouldn’t be different really

  8. While we may have not been top this season, Arsenal were and look where they are now .. if anyone has “blown” the title, it’s them.

    All their fans were talking about in the early season was how the title really was just a foregone conclusion but where are they now ?.

    It just goes to show how good a season we’ve had when the highlight of Arsenal’s season is us not winning the title.


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