After the hullabaloo that accompanied the story of the Tottenham 16 who were plastered all over the media and were charged with racist or indecent chanting, there was a deafening silence to accompany the news that Ian Trow and his son Lewis, had fought the decision and cleared their names. People can check out alcohol detox near fort lauderdale for the best alcohol addiction center for drug addicts.

Personally, I’ve never considered THAT song about Sol to be racist. It’s certainly indecent, but then so are countless other terrace songs that are sang up and down the country. Will there be arrests at Stamford Bridge on Sunday when the home crowd roll out some of their singalong tunes regarding the Holocaust?

It was a ridiculous decision and one that Ian Trow was not willing to take lying down, having been proclaimed guily by association. Here is Ian’s story in his own words.

“9 months to the day, the CCTV images of 16 Spurs supporters were distributed by the police to all national media, and these images were placed in all papers, and on front page of Crimestoppers next to the likes of murderers and drug dealers.

For the first time in the 9 months since I woke up in a hotel in Germany and saw my face and that of my 13 year old son on the TV screen we can now hold our heads up high, having been proved innocent of all charges.

I cannot go into full detail, as we will be bringing civil action (certainly on behalf of Lewis, as I can get all costs covered under Legal Aid) against the police / CPS for the damages their total negligence and lack of due care caused.

In summary though

In December 11 of the 16 people identified themselves to the police (including a 13 and 2 15 year old boys), and were all charged with engaging in racist or indecent chanting.

In February 4 of these people pleaded guilty the other 7 not guilty. The difference is the 4 were singing the Sol Sol song which certainly is indecent. The other 7 were singing songs such as “We’ve got Ledley at the back”.

These 7 people were then banned by Tottenham under the premise that we had been arrested and that contravened the terms of our season ticket (the fact that we had not been found guilty was irrelevant).

Early May all 7 people were offered cautions, as they had not been singing indecent songs, 5 took what I would call the easy route out and accepted the caution, I decided to uphold my principles and decided I have done nothing wrong so why should me and my son admit any form of guilt (which in effect is what a caution does). The police then offered to drop all charges against me if I would get my son to accept a reprimand (they were obviously scared of future repercussions by my son) I rejected this out of principal as well.

Middle of May, the 2 of us went to trial at Portsmouth Magistrates Court and despite there being no evidence to support the charge brought against us we were found guilty basically by association of singing indecent songs, i.e. we can prove bad songs were sung, we can prove you were at the ground, therefore we assume you were singing these songs.
My legal counsel advised me afterwards that this was always going to be the case, it was purely a show trial, in front of national media (invited by the Police). We were given a 3 year Football Banning Order.

Yesterday we had a full re-trial at Portsmouth Crown Court in front of the most senior judge in Hampshire, but I was quite surprised no media was present. The prosecution showed their evidence, to which the judge said “Is that it”. We asked for immediate dismissal of the case (before we even had the chance to put our defence case) and after 2 minutes of deliberation the judge that came back and said, “Not guilty, no case to answer and that is totally unanimous of us all and you can tell by the time it it took it was not a hard decision”. The judge then ripped into the CPS that this had been brought into his courtroom, and even been tried in the first case.

All costs have been awarded to me, football banning orders lifted etc.

I have been in touch with the club and expect to hear early next week that the season tickets will be returned.

I would like to thank my family, friends, fellow supporters who have supported me in this, and also the Tottenham Trust who gave some invaluable advise and have been in contact with Spurs during the whole scenario.

I am writing this with a sore head (as you can imagine I celebrated hard last night) and with a big 🙂 on my face. I will be going into Tottenham for a few (or maybe more than a few) drinks today, as I am now allowed back into the borough of Haringey on match-days, although I do not have ticket for match.

Thanks for the support
Ian Trow


There is a petition going round requesting that the media give equal coverage to this news, as they did to the original witch hunt. It’s a worthy idea, but I think that a more effective protest would be for people to just stop buying papers like The Daily Mail, that specialise in creating hysteria.



  1. Fair play mate – about time someone stood up to the police trampling all over football fans’ rights.

    Thats two more they won’t be able to add to their banning order figures in a World Cup season.

  2. As a Chelsea fan I dont find myself on the side of a tottenham fan very often (nor do i find myself on tottenham blogs very often :P) however I am very glad Ian won.

    There is a environment of suspicion and guilt of all football fans, when a minority give the honest fans a bad name.

    Can i republish this story (with the appropriate accreditation)?, as it deserves to be told.

  3. Meanwhile terrorists are planning all sorts of outrages and the MEDIA,CPS AND METROPOLITANPOLICE[THEY WHO KILL INNOCENT WORKERS ONWAY HOME FROM WORK AND ARE NOT CHARGED] feel it is in the public interest to terrorise a father and his young son for going to football matches and singing,not a crime when last i looked.If the dad one day serves on a jury and the case is a cop on trial maybe justice will prevail as the dad has had first hand experience of the system and its nasty side.

  4. Sounds gulity to me they just couldn’t prove it.

    Either way, no matter what he says or how “cleared” people now think he is that photo will always, and I mean ALWAYS, be in the public domain.

    If I was Daniel Levy I would still continue with his life ban, along with his son and all other members of his family.

  5. You facking Yiddos, Tottenham can suck it. Aresenal is where it’s at.. Lewis Trow and Ian Trow can suck a DICK!
    Gunnaz 4 Life.

  6. Ref John Bishop, you obviously don’t understand the above as they had full support from Tottenham and season tickets reinstated immediately after. I also hope one day you are accused of something you DIDN’T do, see how you feel then!!

    As for the idiot underneath spouting filth, you need help and fast!!

  7. Good that justice was served in the end.
    Nasty sick comments will always be made by those that wouldn’t have the guts or intellect to win a courtcase themselves!


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