I thought I’d wait a little while before commenting on Carlo Cudicini’s accident because some things are more important than football and I would have looked a right mug if I’d gone wading in with my opinions and he’d ended up having his leg amputated.

My first thought when I heard of the accident was surprise at the news that Cudicini was riding a motorbike. Though I wasn’t sure, I’d assumed that footballers would be heavily discouraged from whizzing around on two wheels and sticking to hobbies like playing with make money apps on their phones, much as you’d expect them to be discouraged from taking up hand-gliding as a hobby.

It turns out that Tottenham have claimed that our players are indeed banned from riding motorbikes and no one knew that he even had one. I must admit I find this a little far fetched considering that he was on his way to the training ground at the time of the accident, but maybe he parked it round the corner most days and pretended to be knackered from the walk.

I don’t consider motorbikes to be particularly that dangerous, but it’s common sense that you’re more likely to have an accident on one than if you were in a car (unless that is, you were drunk when driving the car, in which case I’ve heard that it can be very difficult to avoid lamp-posts).

While David Bentley was punished for his accident, I don’t see the point of fining Cudicini. The injuries he’s suffered are punishment enough and he’ll know that he’s lucky to be in a position where it looks like he will one day play again.

I wouldn’t put any money on him playing for Tottenham again though. His contract doesn’t have long to run and the papers are awash with stories of us making moves for David James, Allan McGregor or Ben Foster.

I’m not sure if we’ll go for such a high profile name as those mentioned considering that Gomes has displayed very good form of late, but there’s every reason to believe that Harry will make a move for some kind of back up.

Life can be harsh sometimes and it looks as if Cudicini’s time at Spurs could be over, due to something that was perhaps avoidable. Still, the man hasn’t hurt anyone other than himself, so lets wish him the best for the future and hope that he’ll soon be back in action, even if it is away from White Hart Lane.



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