Some people think that Twitter’s a load of nonsense. Some people just use it to shamelessly plug their own website.

Amongst all the spam though, there are some interesting people Tweeting. Here are five Tweeters for Spurs fans to follow:

5. Rohan Ricketts

Because DBTheTruth is so last year.

Former Spur Ricketts is now without a club after a spell in the MLS for Toronto FC and seems to be spending most of his newly found free time Tweeting. Happily, he seems to have plenty of irons in the fire, if his Twitter feed is to be believed.

4. tehTrunk

If you want to be the one of the first to know when a new tehTrunk video is released, (rather than not finding them until several weeks later, as I tend to) then his Twitter feed will keep you in the loop.

Someone with a bit of money to splash around should sign this boy up.

3. Morris Keston

Morris Keston is someone who can truly be described as a ‘Tottenham super fan’, which is probably why his upcoming life story is entitled Superfan: The Amazing Life of Morris Keston.

This is a man who has missed just two Spurs games since 1951, which even includes the ones that were shown on the telly. Morris not only watched the Tottenham stars but befriended them too, which makes his book an intriguing prospect.

2. The Spurs Show

Keep up with the latest episodes of the greatest Tottenham podcast, The Spurs Show with Phil Cornwell, by subscribing to the offical Twitter feed.

Co-presenter Mike Leigh can often be found Tweeting during the match and you’ll also be kept informed of the frequent exclusive free bet offers.

1. The Fake Jimmy Walker

The mysterious ‘Fake Jimmy Walker’ is a very funny Tweeter, who adopts a slightly surreal and megalomaniac persona to give us an insight into the mind of Tottenham’s reserve goalkeeper.

He’s recently claimed that he will stop the Tweets unless he gets more followers, so give him a click and make sure his nonsense continues.

Anyone else who’s worth following?



  1. also the brilliant drwinston001 he’s truly one of the most attractive people on twitter, although as a Spurs fan that’s not uncommon. COYS

  2. Some guy on there called @Toppsy7 and he is a good one to follow. He tweets a lot, goes to Spurs a lot, and swears a lot. He is also a bit of a manslut


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