The other day I published an article on here bemoaning the decision by the league to allow Manchester City to bring Marton Fulop in on loan, which prompted a heated response from City fans.

Many stated sentiments along the line of “you’d do the same under the same circumstances” which has now pretty much been proven wrong considering that although Gomes could well be injured for tomorrow’s match, we’ve not started ringing around the Premier League to see if anyone has a keeper spare.

Quite quickly the debate descended into the normal hostility that you’d expect between rival sides. This hostility just didn’t seem to sit right with me and it’s all because of one simple fact. I’ve always quite liked City.

Traditionally there have been many similarities between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. They’ve always seemed like an amplified version of us. If we didn’t things could get worse, we only had to look at City to know that they could.

Although have lived in the shadow of our biggest rivals for the last 20-odd years, that shadow hasn’t been as large as the one cast over City by United. Arsenal never became quite so big and dominant and we never managed to drop to quite such depths.

As much as we have been mismanaged, both on and off the pitch, events at City always seemed to be more chaotic. Yet despite the woes of their club, City’s supporters always turned up in great numbers, even when they were relegated to football’s third tier. I’d like to think that we’d do the same, although I’d rather that we don’t ever have to find out.

When it was announced that City were being taken over by the Arabs, I wasn’t envious, but pleased for them. City’s fans were long-suffering and deserved some success, while the ‘Sky four’ needed shaking up.

Now we go head to head with City tomorrow for a place in next season’s Champions League. Obviously I deeply want us to do it, but I won’t begrudge City their chance should they pip us.

Some people have said that this will be our last opportunity to break into the Champions League, whilst City cannot fail to achieve this success eventually, even if they do miss out this season. I don’t agree. If City finish fourth, then their purchasing power will be such that they will be a threat at the very top of the league.

There’s only so many world class players to go round and City will be able to outbid everyone. All of the traditional top four will be weakened and there’s no reason why we can’t continue to close the gap next season.

The Premier League needs six to seven teams challenging each other, rather than the same old four. City and Spurs are the clubs that can make this a reality. Hopefully we’ll become more used to seeing each other as rivals over passing seasons, rather than mere fellow also-rans.



  1. Fair play to you’s…
    Im a city fan, over the coming seasons i can see both our clubs become as good if not better than our local rivals on the pitch. Okay not as ‘big’ granted.

    As you say, our clubs seem to have many similarities.
    May the best team win !

  2. and no – we should nt have been allowed fulop . even now he should be back up only to what we already have .

  3. Many stated sentiments along the line of “you’d do the same under the same circumstances” which has now pretty much been proven wrong considering that although Gomes could well be injured for tomorrow’s match, we’ve not started ringing around the Premier League to see if anyone has a keeper spare.

    You clearly still missed the point then, didn’t you!

    Alnwick and Walker are reserve keepers, you have two fit reserve keepers! City had one reserve Keeper! Spurs would have no right to ask for another keeper. Is that too difficult to understand?

  4. don’t get me wrong – im pleased fulop came but the club dropped a right bollock with joes loan deal.

  5. Just like Harry Redcapp, your all full of sh** as per usual and that is hardly anything new.

    Gomez hurt, Gomez sick, Gomez in trouble only Spurs have two other keepers, a reserve keeper and a 17 year old.

    City only had one reserve keeper fit and a 15 year old still at academy level, you muppets are so full of yourselves, you cannot field a 15 year old keeper striaght into a top flight premier League match.

    On the other hand you can with a 17 year old, 16 being the minimum age but you daft puppets are too dumb to realise such things.

    You make me sick, diference is we only had one keeper whereas you have two.


  6. there is quite a technical difficulty. Birmingham paid for Joe Harts loan, so a recall clause isn’t allowed as it’s a paid contract in season long loan.

    Rules are rules!

    I bet know one complained when MO’N signed Gabor Kiraly on emergency loan!

  7. Actually Cityblue, Alnwick is 23, walker is 36
    That’s two reserve keepers

    City only options were Academy players who do not count as part of a team’s squad, so technically, Man City have just one ‘keeper available, which activates the emergency signing clause.

    No need to be rude.

  8. enjoyed reading the blog post. shame we’re both lumbered with fans who need to post ignorant and abusive comments. looking forward to tomorrows game, will be devastated if we don’t win though. as a city fan i know we have a saftey net of not really needing to qualify this year (oh but man it would feel good). just imagine what a shake up it would be for the sky four if we had us with our petro dollars and spuds with a cl spot and all the benefits that brings… end of the road for the old big4.

  9. City have bean like us for years always stylish and living in the shadow of the Mancs. But one thing i said would make them a hate team is picking players before they merit them and in such a hurry to get in the elite and Dominate the American owned Man Utd its turning nasties. The Don is arguing with is players every week training them twice a week . Snatching the ball of David Moyes like a demented terrier . These Italian Mangers ruined there own league and there training complexes where called laboratory’s its no suprise then a Ac Milan player is banned for two years for the new steroid all the benefits with no bulk one of Vieras mates. You gained three points by Heart not playing for Birmingham and they shipped five goals and he Helped to take two points of us with some great saves gifted you five points .Fulop should be on the bech in case your other goalkeeper is injured and dont make me laugh saying your other goalkepers are Injured what if we got schemichael he has ripped up is contract now i wonder what City Fans would make of thta if he helped us win.. This plus the Pompy debacle is all down to Mr Schofield who allowed Shinawatra to take over City and the Skint fat Arab at Pompy in other words he owes City and Pompy. Sadly we are the sacrificial Lambs , there is a saying Hurry in haste repent in Leisure . And remember this every Petrol hike is more money to spend on overpaid womanizing energy abusers Like Bellamy Bellend a true nutter ask Alonso

  10. Be fair. The point is that City spent 350 Million on players and they are still short of keepers. What a cock-up. They tried to buy fourth place, but as soon as they realised their over sight they tried (and succeeded) to bend the rules to get a new keeper. Even if they should be allowed a further reserve keeper (because the academy players are too young), the new keeper should only be allowed to play if their first reserve is injured. To get a decent keeper in to for the starting eleven is a seriously dodgy tactic.

    I hope the game tomorrow is not decided by a keeper’s mistake from either side, because if so we’ll be talking about keeper-gate like lasagne-gate!

    • i have to say that i agree with you on this. I don’t think that it is fair that city are able to complain and be able to loan an emergency keeper and then be able to start him whilst that Faroe Islands reserve keeper remains on the bench.

      this just doenst make any sense at all.

      nevertheless, hope the best team wins tomorrow


      • Read the posts – at least the non-=abusive ones. City one keeper left so are entitled to bring one in. It’s in the rules and lots of others have done it.
        Read the facts we have not spent £350m ok it is a fair bit but not £250 m as yet.
        As to the blog itself i agree with a lot of. City n Spurs very similar.
        Obviously as a City fan i want us to win and go on to CL. Though City could easily do a city beat you and lose to West Ham letting you through anyway !!
        I am sanguine about the result though as i am sure we will get there soon if not this year !
        0 – 0 half time !

  11. Be fair there are at least 5 teams in the prem that have applied for emergency keepers in the past, incl Man u and Lpl in their prime. Its not to do with money. It’s the only position where emergency transfers outside the normal transfer window are allowed by Premier Lge rules. What was unfair was discriminating saying City are entitled to get a keeper as long as he’s not very good, because that might upset Villa Spurs or LPL .

  12. Balanced article and a good read. Refreshing to read a piece that appreciates the games significance without any snide agenda. Although understandably the excitement for Wednesday is palpable. Cant wait..
    As a City fan of course i would love to see City do it when it matters. To get a first taste of celebrating success with fellow dedicated supporters would be brilliant. On the other hand, it means a lot to your fans too and to a good team who have been around the top six more than us in recent years.
    Spurs have a the knack of beating us at key times; the more experienced blues are all too aware of that. If we don’t make it this year it’s still been a great season. Football has been the real winner this season though especially the neutrals. How boring was the same top 4?
    Anyway, If you guys manage to hold us back tomorow then good luck in Europe! You will have well and truly deserved it.
    Things are certainly becoming more interesting…

    Lets have a classic, advertise the depth of quality in English Football…for this

  13. While dick heads like City Blue exists, unfortunately Man City will have plenty of haters.

    Spurs always have and always will beat City..Tomorrow wont be an exception.

    Wealthy rag heads tool, know your place fucking northern muppet.


  14. iver biggen obviously hasn’t. seem to recall a recent FA cup game where you didn’t manage to bitch slap 10 of us with a 3-0 head start. bring it on iver, see you weds suspect you’ll be the one gobbing off in the pub in surrey cos it’s on sky sports 1, we’ll see the real spuds fans there though.

    • I was there when Ricky Villa scored the greatest goal Wembley has ever seen, against Man City.

      Ossies dream…do you remember that too?

      • i was there that night as well. villas goal wasn’t even the best goal of the game let alone the best goal wembley has ever seen.

  15. No son, you are wrong coz i will be there tomorrow same as i have been to every Spurs game since i was a 10 years old young boy.

    I saw so many games Spurs whipped Man City for fun, you might have won the odd game but you beat Spurs more often (once on every century) at the Lane than your own ground ( sorry i forgot, you dont even have an own ground)

    I am more than confident, not even bothered to be honest, i am so confident that i am cocky.

    Know your place, it took you a rag heads money to get anywhere near the top 10 of the table..

    See you tomorrow , you northern monkey.

  16. Ah so much vitriol fellow fans!
    Whoever finishes fourth deserves their place and congratulations to them.
    Just glad to see the big four monopoly starting to break up.
    Arise the New World Order!

  17. Great article, i too have always had a soft spot for City and Everton, all of us blues been in the shadow of our red neighbours for far too long and it would be nice if we keep it up season to season and break up the boring same old cocky arrogant Sky 4. Whoever wins deserves to be there although as we are away im not confident and after years of let down even if we get a drawd i can see us throwing it away at Burnley as i have never known a team grab defeat from the jaws of victory like Spurs. Also completely agree about the idiot fans we all seem to attract, have a nice discussion between proper fans and you get know nothing scum on here slagging off and for the record we may have had a good recent record against City but i remember being on the end of quite a few Peter Barnes inspired drubbings in the past. So may the best team win and us proper fans stick together against our hated red enemies!!!

  18. Therumourman – jeez, are you a retard? You are barely literate.

    Iver Biggen – you are not cocky, you are just a cock – there is a difference. How many hundreds of millions have you spent over the last 10 years? More than us, I would warrant. I’d be surprised if you had ever got closer than your local boozer to the ‘Lane’.

    As for those Spurs supporters with an IQ greater than 60 (which excludes the two previously referred to turds), here’s hoping it will be a good game and a City win 😛

  19. You aint nothing but a two bob club from another shit hole up north.

    I am cocky because i am a southerner and a Londoner..

    Who are you? and what have you got other than retards, drug abusers, alcoholics, jobless spongers who steal hub caps? And of course pride of Manchester Moss Side?

    Even the god has given up on you lot, you sold your arse to a bunch of rag head arab mafia while your best mates arse sucking a yankee cock.

    A spineless bunch of thieves as the fans to support them in a stadium built with tax payers money from the south.

    Spurs will piss all over your rag heads tonight.

  20. Iver Biggen (but quite clearly thats not the IQ you are referring too).

    You do talk a big one though which is probably what you are referring to.

    Just a little help for you. You have to go further than Tottenham Hale to get out of London. Then again you are probably somewhere like stockbroker belt Dartford.

    Good article with some intelligent comments. Pity the knuckle draggers couldn’t step up to the plate as well.

    Incidentally as someone who was actually at both 1981 FA Cup finals, Steve McKenzies goal was the best of the lot.Spurs had to rely on a fluke deflection off of Tommy Hutchinsons shoulder to win a replay. Then again Iver SmallIQ you wouldn’t get to see that on the YouTube highlights would you.

  21. By the way rag heads hey? Nasty racist little shit too aren’t we. I wouldn’t wipe my feet on scum like you

  22. As a City fan I thought that was a good Blog. Pity a few comments spoil it.

    We have become a figure of hate for some supporters due to the money that is available to our Club. Alot of supporters are jealous because of the opportunities it presents.

    Am I happy that we got the Money? Hell Yes! We were descending towards Administration without it. Am I happy that some of our own supporters have become arrogant because of it? Absolutely not. I’m sick to death that they go on about how rich we are. So what! I want to see us challenging for trophies not bragging that we could buy this player or that player.

    We have come a long way in a very short-period of time. I am certain that things will continue to improve. Some of our supporters just need to remember where we came from.

  23. Wouldnt call myself little but since you think that way, i will just laugh it off. As a matter of fact i still live in N17 and just around the corner from the world famous ground.

    No one remembers Man City goals son but when FA cup is mentioned , Villa and Gazza goals are the first two you will always see.

    Thats because of when Yid Army win something, it is glorious and everyome remembers.

    Cant remember when the last time City won. Was it when the old king was still alive?

  24. you muppets are just bitter!!!!

    we’re stinking rich, we have a top stadium and we’re gonna batter you tonight!!!!!

    Enjoy 5th place while it lasts – mid-table next season for you…


  25. hmm iver big gob or whatever youre called,you use the word ‘son’quite a bit ,yet i see no ones ages here? also as pointed out by one of my fellow fans the term ‘rag head ‘ seems to effortlessly spew from you with the venom of a ladybird,are you indeed an adult i wonder ? kids too ? i dread the thought ! seem to want or need an arguement ? well if so be the case then save it for the actual game where you can be childish or as racist as you want,oh? and dont forget your ID if you are infact attending our stadium(yes ours…we have 250 years to decide when to buy…or as is about to happen we buy the whole plot of land surrounding it too) you really need to educate yourself a little more before you vent your worries out loud….for that is what i see when reading your posts…a worried totty fan..well i would be too.

  26. Good blog, as a city fan I appreciate seeing this point of view from other fans, we have got a few enemies ever since the takeover and a lot of people have forgotten the turmoil we have seen.

    If any set of fans deserve a bit of success it is us. When united won the treble we just about scraped our way out of english football’s third tier so the contrast in fortunes has been hard to take. I have had the distinct impression that in the last 18 months this has all been forgotten and we haven’t even won anything yet!!!

    All the best whoever gets fourth spot, its good to see the league shaken up and finishing 5th is still better than watching us playing Macclesfield Town in a league fixture so I think i’ll take that if it happens!

  27. Iver biggen said:”Know your place, it took you a rag heads money to get anywhere near the top 10 of the table..
    Mate I wouldn’t throw them stones in that delicate glass house your sitting in it’s not like harry paid in coppers for those players of yours!
    At least us blues can sit back knowing our owners can afford to spend ridiculously, I wouldn’t be so smug as a spurs fan.
    Good luck anyhows. May the best team win!!

  28. Brilliant article and very well said. A real pity that some people’s comments ruined it.

    If we don’t get fourth tonight then I’m pleased that Spurs will get it. you deserve it after the season you’ve had and the fact that you missed out in 2006 becasue of ‘food poisoning.’

    Both teams have broken the stranglehold of the top four. Now let’s go on and do more.

    Well done for a good season

  29. Good post mate, glad to read a fan blog post that can talk about another team without sounding like a basket case.

    As a city fan I have no problem with spurs (always appreciated the good football they try to play) and hope under harry you can keep up your great form into next season and chip away at the Sky 4 dominance (of course a slip up tonight at the bluecamp by your men would be nice though)

    See you all at the game… apart from Iver, he’ll be giving it the big’un in his local branch of currys no doubt.

  30. Blubberski there is newt wrong with retards you should be ashamed of yourself what will Bellendamy and who shot the Sheriff think Ady muscles they went the same School has me . Ivebigbollocks a retard its different i dont like drugs they make you behind retards and traffic cameras and wardens in society. You are right about Manchester but please look in your own back garden you will see just has many weeds . Lads you should not call poison ivy a racist what he means is Raggy dolls . This is a game played by two teams breaking into a Cave full of treasure it could make you rich or mad and judging by some of these Comments its mad . Lets cut out the Geography comments We all have to pay to much for Arab Gold who will be paying a bragging 70,000 a man to beat Super Spurs Win lose or Draw lets hope Football is the winner and our English players and British play a prominent part and also win the world cup . We are creating History whoever wins the cartel will be broken just like if its a hung parliament a Draw. I will be looking out for three Camels with Arab Kings carrying gbundles of gifts from the Hills of Burnley and they will be on 100,000 thousand a man . Good Luck to both Teams in this Historical Game .Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashit. Coys

  31. I enjoyed the article, it was fair. Obviously I want City to win tonight and the excitement/atmosphere around Manchester is great.

    On balance I like the way Harry has gone about organising Spurs – attacking football, plenty of goals. I think whoever wins tonight and possibly weekend, overall they probably deserve 4th place.

    The one thing I’m really pleased about is that Villa didn’t get there. I have no axe to grind with them but they play extremely boring footbal – lots of pace but no class and/or finishing.

    Tonight should be a great game. Come one City!!

  32. Nice article, but I suspect Redknap has not exactly brought the clubs closer. Isn’t he the same bloke whose money took James, Cole and Distin to Pompey from City?
    Why is the Fulop deal still being debated. 1 fit reserve keeper is not enough, hence the emergency loan. This nonsense re 9 keepers on the books fails to explain that some are just kids….

  33. Good article. Whether it is City or Spurs, the gap is definitely being bridged. Arsenal in 3rd could actually still be caught be Spurs yet mathematically! Liverpool have plummeted out of the top 4, not jus slipped. United and Chelsea have lost many games between them this year, (City have done double over Chelsea) and there are several Spurs, City and Villa players that could get into their first elevens.

  34. As a city fan I have to say fair article. Other posters could have put the keepers point a little more politely. Still think if it is within the season loan rules JH should have been allowed to be recalled in this exceptional circumstance. Not if just SG or ST injured but yes when both were as academy keepers are not considered first team.

    Well played spurs better overall team performance. We should have made more of the first 25 minutes when we applied the pressure. Spurs soaked it up and as City started to become anxious this was exploited.

    Looked like Huddlestone should have gome for the stamp and blatant handball. Then the ref compounded that by giving a handball against the full back when there was no way on earth he could do anything about it – it hit him full on in the face.

    Good luck in CL next year hope it means we can overtake you in the league as a result of your extra games (then again Europa can have even more).


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