There is still just under three weeks to the end of the transfer window but the rumour mill continues to pick up pace.

According to the papers, Vedran Corluka will be on his way, with Liverpool showing an interest, while their Merseyside rivals Everton may be taking Roman Pavlyuchenko and/or Robbie Keane. Reports claim that the two strikers could go to Goodison as part of a deal involving Phil Neville or Steven Pienaar.

Of all the names reported to be coming to White Hart Lane, Luis Suarez looks to be the most exciting so far. Currently at Ajax, the Uruguayan International has scored 16 times in 38 appearances for his country and at just 23, has over 100 senior career goals, at a ratio of well over one goal every other game.

Suarez’ record is phenomenal but he is predictably being linked with many other clubs, most notably Liverpool. Over the years, Spurs have lost out to players because of the fact that we haven’t been playing Champions League football. Maybe now, the change in our fortunes will see us land a player of the undoubted calibre of Suarez.



  1. its all good getting excited but all those goals mean nothing as we have seen with other strikers with good records outside our league

  2. Scoring in the Dutch league is completely different to England.

    Suarez looks lightweight like Pav and will not be able to hack the Premier League.

    Let Liverpool get their fingers burned on Suarez while we get Carroll in to become a legend like Gazza, Waddle and Ginola.

  3. why do people like to talk rubbish,charlie may go, robbie can go, pav’s a no go. nev no thanks and pienaar maybe.why would we sell 2 striker to get a right back and a mid fielder. i know its news but sy something that might happen. i hope this aint your day job.

  4. I’d love to see Suarez come, although he only plays in the dutch league he’s managed to score ton’s of goals i think he would have no trouble in finding the net for Spurs , and he looked real class in the WC , sooner the deal is done the better

  5. Also in reply to Dspur, Modric was ment to be to lightweight for the premierleague and now hes our most important player, Andy Carroll isn’t the answer for spurs, he’d well overated all because he got called up for england when they were Desperate and he didn’t impress , hes scored heap loads of goals in the Championship fair do , but the Championship is not the Prem, ok hes scored 11 goals this season , but that don’t make him worth 27 mill what NUFC we’re asking, hes worth 8mill top wack , we need to move forward , signing Carroll would be as bad as when we signed Rasiack

  6. Suarez is an irritating cheatin little rat, more Goon material. Always crying, shouting, diving & asking for yellow cards.
    No go, please!

  7. Suarez would be the best signing for spurs. He has scored goals in the cl, world cup aswell as the dutch league so stop talking sh@t people who say he only plays in the dutch league. Suarez is world class and lets not waste time on beckham like the j.cole saga.

  8. lets get him in. jd ain’t gonna score all the goals required. Sell Pav and get carroll in too. We need a number 9 more than Suarez but i do reckon he’ll do us no harm at all. Suarez is very like Tevez and even if he’s not as good he’s still a bloody good player.

  9. Agree with Faversham and the guv, get this Suarez lad in he’s absolute quality now is the time to sign him, this stuff about the dutch league is rubbish, he looked excellent in the world cup.
    We all had forever to think about Suarez’s handball in the world, he had an instant, lots of players would have done the same thing. If he cant play champions league so what, most importantly he’ll be able to win us some league games unlike most of our other strikers.

  10. First of all Carroll is class. Anyone who says different does not have any idea what a good footy player is. Besides his ariel ability and power, he has very good technique and finishing/composure infront of goal. Just look at his goals. Suarez, dutch league, whatever. Van Nistelrooy scored loads there too, he wasn’t exactly a flop was he? Dont say Kuyt either, because he plays right midfield. Muppets, don’t have a clue what you’re typing. Suarez is an improvment on our dire forwards.


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