AC Milan aren’t without their injury problems for tonight and coach Massimiliano Allegri has named a 19-man squad for the tie.

Allegri is without Gianluca Zambrotta, Massimo Ambrosini, Andrea Pirlo and Filippo Inzaghi, while former Spur Kevin Prince-Boateng will also miss out.

The Milan chief has stated that he respects Spurs and is wary of the threat that they pose: “Aaron Lennon is a very quick and intelligent player, Peter Crouch is a good player too so we will need to be careful.

“They have four solid defenders also. They are a very fit and strong, physical side.”

Presumably he’s only watched Crouch in the Champions League, but let’s hope that he’s right about the threat posed by our players.



  1. Listen there injuries are nothing compares to ours, we have more numbers out but the primary problem is who the individuals are, if you class our big 3 as Bale, VDV and Modric who are worth around 100 million together all 3 have/had injuries.
    There big 3 Ibrahimovic, Robinho and Pato who are worth around 100mill aswell are all starting so theres no comparision we have lost our attacking key players they havent.
    Take them 3 out of Milans team and they would have to play 2 young unknowns and revert to a different formation its a huge difference.

    I dont fear Ibrah, I feel Gallas will smash him, Robinho is nothing to worry about, the only one is Pato but if the rumours of him playing from the right are true then Benny will eat him up as he loves tricky one on one battles and always comes out on top

  2. Jay, you are very optimistic. Ibrah will beat Gallas in the air and Dawson on the ground, so who picks him up? Does Dawson have the footballing intelligence to play against one central strikers and two wide ones? Its really tough, given the quality of that threesome. BAE isnt in Pato’s class I’m afraid, and he wont get the protection from Kranjk that he’d have got from Bale. Robinho simply isnt the same player that he was at City. He has a free role and is dangerous.

    I am not writing this match off, but I have to say it is a massive step up from playing the likes of Bolton and Sunderland. Its like a middleweight boxer suddenly being put up against a heavyweight. Tie one of the middleweights arms behind his back (ie take Bale and Modders out) and you get the picture. He might hold his own (David Haye), but also faces the prospect of being knocked out in humilaiting fashion.

    So, and this is very unSpurs and very un-me, I say: forget the attacking tonight Harry. I know you see it as a badge of honour, but no. Hold the players back. We have better players to come back, and we are brilliant at WHL in Europe. We grow in stature at home, but can shrink away (Inter, Fulham, Bolton). We really can afford NOT to attack tonight, even if we go a goal down.

    So for my money, Pienaar over Lennon (too lightweight tonight I’m afraid). Sandro and Palacios holding (if thats possible). Plenty of long balls up to Crouch and hope VDV can work some magic from his knock downs. It wont be pretty for sure, but it might eak us out a result worth taking to the Lane. Remember, the likes of Copenhagen were capable of playing this way and holding Barca to 1-0 away. We have far better players than Copenhagen.

    Lets make Milan work for every opening. No gimmies. No first half collapses. No Gomes 30 yards off his line antics. No BAE slicing cross field passes behind him. No Palacios freezing with the ball at his feet and facing his own goal (belt it out for a throw in, son!). Please, please, no early red cards (Gomes, Dawson, are you listening?). Nothing clever, nothing flash. Dull is our friend tonight. Milan’s fans wont mind, they are masters of it. So come on lads, stick to the plan!

    1. Only kick the ball forwards. Harder the better
    2. Make every single set piece work. And I am including throw ins here. I’m sick of seeing us throw the ball backwards when away from home. Get it into the box!
    3. Stick to your positions. Gomes, dont leave the 6 yard box. Wilson, dont get sucked into wide positions. Kranc, Pienaar: only cross half way when we have good controlled posession. BAE, Corluka: dont cross half way under any circumstances. Not tonight. It isnt required. Crouch: stay central, stay upfield, but for the love of god, stay onside. VDV: Maraude to your heart’s content son. Be our free man. Be our HERO.

    Come on you Spurs! MAKE US PROUD!

    • Thank heavens you’re not the spurs manager then Paul F!! Spurs were awesome!! I have absolutely no expectations of champs league – really want a top four finish to get in champs league again next year… if only cos i suspect we’ll lose our best players if not. Modric truly could grace any team in the world. I have a bad feeling that next year that team might well be man utd 🙁


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