With Spurs out of the FA Cup, we have a blank weekend to rest and regroup before our next game against struggling Blackpool on Tuesday night. Blackpool too are out of the cup, so some may have expected the match to be brought forward to Saturday, but Tuesday gives us more time to recover.

After impressing in the early months of their Premier League life, Blackpool have plummeted down the table and for Spurs, this marks the start of a set of winnable games that could be crucial in our efforts to secure fourth place.

Last season we reached the semi-final of the FA Cup and clearly should have gone further. At the time, we had no European football to distract us, but this season it’s almost the complete opposite. Our European progression has come alongside a seemingly disastrous Fourth Round defeat at Fulham.

But was it such a disaster after all? Would we like see Tottenham in action this weekend, or is the absence from the FA Cup a small price to pay for the great scenes in Milan this week and the opportunity for recovery time, as we attempt to qualify for next season’s Champions League?



  1. Think it is silly to be relieved to have been knocked out of a competition, lets not get ahead of ourselves lads, we are not challenging for the title and are very unlikely to get close to winning the CL so an FA cup in the trophy cabinate would be nice, still annoyed we disrespected the Carling Cup, especially after the dream run to the final Arsenal had!

  2. Interesting question – with a squad like ours I would vote for seeing us still in the FA Cup. After being completely thrashed by Fulham we were able to let a lot of faces go during January. I for one would’ve liked to have seen dos Santos, Naughton & Livermore get more game time in a Spurs shirt.

  3. Not sure how you can say we neglected the CC. The reserve team ‘arry put out was 1-1 after 90 minutes against the girls from the Effeminates Stadium.

      • But theres no point being annoyed at it, and who said its impossible to win the Champions League? Its still on the road to Wembely just with harder teams to face- Who is to stop us? We are not in it to make numbers- we are in it to try and do our best in it- we have a good chance of getting to the quarter finals and if we get a good tie could be in the semis. Im not a deluded spurs fan just want us to do our best at everything- We got beaten at Fulham but i think we needed it- its happened to all the best teams- Man U lost to West Ham and recovered, Chelsea lost to Sunderland and still haven’t recovered, Arsenal lost to West Brom…these things happen but sometimes its for the best!

  4. To Be honest, Im gutted to be out of the FA Cup. That is a very special cup to our beloved SPURS. With the fantastic squad that we have, we should be competing on all fronts. We should have beaten Fulham and we should have still been involved in that competition. Anyway, not going to cry over spilt milk now, i just hope the FA cup distracts our top 4 competitors and gives us a clearer run in.


  5. It would have been nice to keep the year ending in one tradition. I know we failed last time, but even then with George grahme and the worst Spurs side i’ve ever seen reached the semi final.

    But had a strong team out against Fulham, so iit’s not as if we threw it with reserves.

  6. I think that every team must try to perform in each competition. However CL and Premier League are the important targets for Spurs now. Milan, Inter (and hopefully more) is the stage we look fantastic on. We ARE this years neutrals team as we were in the FA Cups of the past. The year of the 1 has historic importance. But maybe this year it will not be FA Cup. Maybe this year we can dream of different awards.

  7. It must be hard to be a spurs supporter. Having to come up with lame excuses for losing. I hope we meet in the champions league quarters, it will be firm and swift no need to worry.

  8. BTW how can anybody be “relieved” to be out of the FA cup? Were you constipated?

    That translates to us Gooners as “relieved from the duties of winning”.

    Let me know when you get a real stadium and then we can talk ok?

    Good win at the San Siro, but doesn’t just set you up for a bigger disapointment?

    • You’ve been “relieved from the duties of winning” quite a lot recently. Sometimes you even relieve yourselves – usually when you’re several goals up.

      And your team know all about disappointment in Europe, of course. (I say your team – we never know. You seem more interested in hanging around on other teams’ blogs.)

      Remind us how many European trophies you’ve actually WON again?

      What’s that? One Fairs Cup and one what? Cup-Winners’ Cup, you say? So… one less European trophy than us, then. Mmm.

      But apparently you have a nice stadium. Well done you.


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