After Tottenham MP David Lammy widely condemned Spurs’ attempts to occupy the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, he has been calling on Government to intervene and revive the clubs plans to redevelop White Hart Lane.

West Ham’s bid to take over the 2012 site was ‘rubber stamped’ yesterday effectively removing all doubt (if there was still any) over the final decision.

Lammy now wants to set up a meeting between himself, Daniel Levy and Hugh Robertson – the minister for sport – in an attempt to get things moving in N17.

“It is integral to the future of Tottenham that Spurs redevelop White Hart Lane into a world-class stadium. It will create thousands of jobs in the part of the capital with the highest rate of unemployment and it will be a huge economic boost to our community.

“The club is a huge source of pride in our community and we want to see them play and win against the best teams in Europe in one of the best stadiums in Europe.”

Hugh Robertson has said that he will do what he can to help but has also stated: “I suspect that my powers in this area will be limited, because I think that the arguments and issues are to do with planning, but if there is anything I can do to help, I will do it.”

We await any comment from the Spurs camp to see if the White Hart Lane plan stands any real chance.



  1. finally lammy’s taking some sense! if Newam council can afford to pay for the jokers down the road to buy the WHite Elephant United stadium then Haringey need to realise we need some cash to upgrade the lane…

  2. What a vile hypocrite this man Lammy is.
    When his party was in power he did nothing to get any help for Tottenham Hotspur either in terms of better transport links, or in terms of the ridiculous hoops the Club had to go through to get planning permission. This made a project which would have been just about viable, totally unviable, through the extra expenditure on retaining and refurbishing listed buildings and the consequently smaller return from the residential element of the scheme, which had to be reduced in scale to accommodate these ramshackle slums being tarted up in pretend conservation. They may end up looking something like fairytale victoriana, but in reality they will be 99% 21st century buildings. Otherwise, they would never be let or sold.
    So while the last government was spending money like it was going out of style, he wasn’t concerned with Tottenham Hotspur. Now the country is having to reduce expenditure, and the chance is gone, he shouts his mouth off about government help. Purely because it sounds as if he cares.
    He is no more than a vile self-serving man.

    • Like what, you’ve constantly raised this as an issue, yet you fail (as usual), to pin point exactly what you mean?. Of course the goal posts moved when Levy was asked to bid for the Olympic Stadium and no doubt the saving of 200 odd million made the proposition far more inviting, however it doesn’t detract that Haringey have offered nothing but rhetoric and subsequent threats by way of FINANCIAL support, yet they are the one’s who’ll gain most from it?. Idiots like you yack on about loyalty and tradition then have the effrontery to bad mouth Levy who is the best chairman this club has ever known. The same bloke that began dragging us from mid-table dreamers to real contenders in less than a decade of mediocrity and dead seasons. If Levy has changed tact, then you can bet your backside it’s for good reason, I know who I’d trust with my future that’s for certain!

  3. The above last couple of posts show that there is much to the Spurs new stadium issue which is not properly known. I suspect there are elements of truth to both sides of the argument but one thing is for sure, neither Lammy or Levy have shown a capacity for fully avoiding connivance.


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