This is generally the time of year that many managers start complaining about a fixture pile up, but if you’re out of the FA Cup, your team will be spending most of the next three weeks twiddling their thumbs.

For the rest of this month we have one more game. West Ham at home next week will be our last fixture of any kind until April 2nd when we travel to Wigan and for most clubs, it’s a similar story.

In April it starts to pile up for Spurs, with two Champions League ties, plus the first leg of the semi if we get that far, along with six league games.

Clearly April will go a long way to deciding our season, but will it prove better to have a gap as we have in March which will give us time to get certain players fit, or would it be more beneficial if the games were better spaced out?



  1. After conceding six goals in those two league games I’d say getting players back just shades it. I’d love to know Harrys first eleven when all fit. Woody/King/Gallas – Modders/Sandro/Hudds – All with wing-backs?

  2. We have the depth. We NEED healthy, fit players.

    I hate not being able to watch games with such frequency, but I’d much rather Spurs come back strong with a healthy Bale, VdV, Kaboul, Huddz, and Bassong. (And maybe even King and Woody?)

  3. Huddlestone could be huge for the club if he comes back strong. Kaboul will be a great option at right back or centre back. I look for them to make the difference in shoring up defensive side of the game and allowing us to go forward confidently.


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