Recently we have mentioned players who we’d like to see back at the club and Dimitar Berbatov, Paul Robinson and Michael Carrick have all been considered. One player however who is unlikely to get a mention is Mounir El Hamdaoui.

El Hamdaoui was born in Holland and began his professional career with Excelsior as a teenager. After a good goalsocring record he came to Spurs in 2005 but despite featuring in pre-season, he didn’t make a Premiership start. After a loan spell at Derby he eventually slipped quietly back into Dutch football.

Six years on and the player is making a name for himself at Ajax after a successful spell with AZ. During his time with these clubs he has averaged well over a goal a game and has scored twice in five matches for the Moroccan national side.

Coming back to Spurs seems unlikely and there’s certainly been no mention of it in the press, but you can bet that Tottenham will be linked with worse third or fourth choice strikers than Mounir El Hamdaoui.



  1. he did well in the Peace Cup run in Seoul, which actually was the catalyst for the successful 5th place finishes and UEFA cup run under Jol.

  2. I think he went on loan to Deby twice, and got injuried very soon on both occasions, returning to the club for treatment.

  3. As the moonwatcher from Holland I am waiting to find any press reports on the Peace Cup tournament this summer.
    I have posted several articles on the Reverend Moon and his peace and business ventures under my nickname “moonwatcher”, and I am curious to read the comments of other soccerfans.


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