A familiar name is once again being linked with a move to Tottenham this summer, but this time it’s rumoured that he may be bringing his prolific strike partner with him.

Porto’s Hulk is believed to be on Harry Redknapp’s radar again but it’s suggested that his Columbian striker partner, Radamel Falcao will follow him to White Hart Lane. The duo have scored over 30 times in the league as Porto have marched towards the Portugese title this season.

Signing the pair will cost Spurs in the region of some £40m which will mean breaking the club transfer record twice. Having failed to land any of their targets in January however, Harry could be going all out to land a major scoop so the story may not be as outrageous as it first sounds and at least we wouldn’t have to wait for this strike pairing to ‘gel’.



  1. As a sort of demo, I put them as strikers in my fifa team and dominated Barca.
    Kaboul Gallas Daws A&E
    VDV Modric Huddz Bale
    Falcao Hulk
    Obviously not the real deal but seeing as how we spent squat this January, and we have plenty of dead wood to sell in the summer (Ohara, Bentley, Gio, Hutton, Naughton, Palacios, Pav), I’m anticipating a massive investment in strikers.

    • However, I am not expecting a massive investment in strikers. O’Hara (was injured all season), Hutton (was first choice for most of season), Naughton (young one for furture), Pav (best goal average out of our strikers) are not exactly “deadwood”, yet you left out Jenas who is the definition of it.

  2. Porto will be in the CL next season, will be the reigning Portugal champs, could be the Europa champs, but their best 2 strikers are going to leave and the team will let them go. Pure fantasy. COYS

  3. Unfortunately, we don’t have a shot unless we make the CL.
    And barely a shot if we do.
    Supposedly, the Scum are also interested in Falcao – a back-up for Robin Van Parttime, I would assume….

  4. TonyRich: Ohara has said countless times he wants to leave. Naughton is miles behind Walker, who is the real RB of the future. Hutton had a bust up with Harry and honestly isn’t that good. Pav has said that he is fed up with not being first choice and wants to go back to Russia. All pretty concrete is you ask me.

  5. As nice as it would be to have them, I really can’t see them joining unless we make the CL and that will not happen! I’ve heard rumours that van de vart will leave if we don’t make the CL also which is worrying. Hopefully we can beat the scum though it won’t be easy, as much as it pains me too say it they are too good 4 us at the moment. Whoever comes in let’s hope they’re good as none of our current strikers are really good enough, we need to filter out the weak links in our team.SUMMER CLEAR OUT!


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