The name of Asamoah Gyan keeps cropping up in connection with a move to White Hart Lane and the latest rumour suggests that Spurs would be prepared to offer £5m plus Jermain Defoe in an attempt to secure the Ghanaian international.

It seems in some quarters that Spurs fans believe this to be an attractive deal but is it really? Gyan averages over a goal every other game for his country but at club level it’s around one in three at best. While Defoe had a poor campaign last year, he has shown in the past that he is capable of 20 goals a season, whereas Gyan has yet to prove that.

Judging by Gyan’s penalty in the World Cup, there doesn’t seem to be much to choose between them from 12 yards but other than that, there isn’t much comparison.

Defoe has come in for some stick on here recently, but if this proposition is true, maybe Steve Bruce would be getting the better end of the deal by some distance.



  1. Yes the signing of Asmoah Gyan will show Modric that we are title contenders lol.

    All I can say is if we settle for Gyan we might as well sell Modric, Bale and VDV now.

  2. I agree. Some people seem to want Spurs to buy just for the sake of buying….a bit like what my wife does 😉

  3. gyan has more to his game than pav and crouch so yes i’d sign him , without having to give jd and 5 mill away though. I felt we should have signed him after the last world cup but of course we waited to see if he could work out with another team. I feel that Rodallega should be snapped up quickly. He is under rated and would definitely get us goals.

  4. This whole rumour comes from a highly respected source the metro free newspaper and is complete shite, bruce has been quoted saying only a miracle amount would see gyan move on. Defoe and £5 mill is not a miracle amount… I doubt Defoe would even consider coming to safc nor safc want a stroppy bad boy…

  5. Only one problem chaps – unless you’ve got at least £15m cash to spare (SAFC paid 13m), then Gyan is going nowhere. Defoe is not on Brucie’s radar as he’s waiting for a decision from Ferguson on Welbeck. This story has been doing the rounds for about 10 days now – probably a Ghanaian agent trying to stir up trouble. I agree with the general view that Gyan still has to show a bit more to live up to his national team rep, but we’re hopeful he can with a good pre-season under his belt – something he didn’t get last season.

  6. its true that Gyan doesnt have great stats, but he has only played for sunderland and rennes in last few years so maybe he’s yet to receive great service, the goal he scored against england was world class, and like Pav he would offer something different to the norm. He links play well and has good physical attributes. He would make a good addition as long as sunderland dont quote silly money like they did with Kenwyn Jones.

    • I disagree about the stats. 10 in 31 is 1 in 3. Which is good for a first season in Premiership. Drogba did not get more than that for a while when he joined. For Ghana, Gyan has scored 26 goals in 48. Which is excellent, quality of opposition permitting. The stat that isn’t great is his likely fee, which is not worth it…

    • …and Sunderland scored 45 in total, so Gyan was one goal short of scoring a quarter of Sunderland’s goals for the season.

  7. 25 year old Gyan cost Sunderland £13m … scored 10 goals in 31 appearances
    SkySports July 8 “As far as I am concerned, he’s going nowhere, unless we get a wonder bid which comes out of nowhere, like we have had in the past, but I can’t see it at this moment.”
    the Metro and this website “the latest rumour suggests that Spurs would be prepared to offer £5m plus Jermain Defoe in an attempt to secure the Ghanaian international.”
    oooh we’re really flattered. This would value Gyan at about £13m?
    Now obviously we’d love to swap a talented exciting player in exchange for a 29 year old one-dimensional player who only got 4 goals in 22 games last season.

    SkySports July 9 “Sunderland have now informed Sky Sports News that they have no plans to make a move for either player” (Defoe or N’zogbia)

    Good luck for the future Spurs but … this blog is a waste of electrons

  8. the simple answer is No one season is easy the second is harder Defoe has done it for a lot longer so Defoe for me every time.

  9. talk is cheap! sunderland sold one of the brightest young centre mids recently and sold bent when they had no-one to cover up front, – they could have gone down as a result!! so we know they will sell if the price is right. I think 12m and defoe would be fair, this would value the player nearer 20m, either that or have Crouch and Defoe with no cash!LOL
    deal or no deal 🙂

    • No deal! 🙂
      Bent was sold with Fraizer Campbell just about to come back from injury to join up with welbeck and Gyan – only to get injured again straightaway … along with Welbeck and Gyan. We could have gone down as a result!
      we would sell if the price is right and if we have adequate replacements and if the player wants to leave for a “bigger club” and something his agent euphemistically refers to as “more money”.
      … “if the price is right” – you must know this feeling now … be careful what Modric wishes for

  10. No Deal, Sorry to say. But you are not getting Gyan! 🙂 hes just to good compared to your strikers, even if they have proven them selfs… Bent has the stats but that doesnt change the fact, that he is a awfull player…

  11. The currently available strikers that would guarantee most goals already PL proven are doubtless Adebayor (obv Citeh wouldn’t want to sell to Spurs plus he would need to cut his wages) & Odemwingie (who seemed to be scoring for fun a large chunk of last season), both way preferable to Gyan or Berbatosh, Leandro looks quality but hasn’t done it for long or in PL, Osvaldo looks strong & probably better than we have.

  12. As a S’land fan, it doesn’t make sense to sell Gyan at all.
    We need strikers in not out.
    Bruce says it would take a “wonder bid” to prise Gyan away. Defoe+5m is not a wonder bid.
    Gyan I think will blossom next season. He’s now had time to adjust to the prem and should be banging them in.

  13. This is a no deal! Gyan played last season mostly with out a great deal support due to injuries, he was injured him self the last few games yet still put in decent preformances. SAFC would want a hell of a lot more than whats been discussed here and thats only if we have somebody really special to replace Gyan, again with out a massive profit to us Why? We dont want Defoe! Your team doesnt, I also see SAFC finishing higher than Spurs this forth coming campaign, I feel there is a bit of tension behind the scenes at Spurs. Are you a happy ship? I ask myself…


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