While the Ibrahim Afellay stories start to gather pace, Spurs are rumoured to be heading for Spain as part of a double swoop with Barcelona’s Afellay and Sevilla’s Alvaro Negredo firmly on their radar.

The rumours seem to have started after Real Madrid stated that they wouldn’t be using a buy back clause to capture Negredo, who left them in 2007 to head first to Almeira and then on to Seville.

Negredo averages just under a goal every other game in Spain and has three goals in five matches for his country. At 26 next month, he seems to be approaching his best form and the Premier League could be a good setting for his talents next season.

It is believed that Negredo will cost around £18m and while his name hasn’t appeared thus far in connection with a move to White Hart Lane, he does seem to be one of the better options, provided Tottenham can meet the fee and assuming the Spaniards are willing to sell.



  1. Unlikely, Negredo has just been made captain and stated that he’s very happy at Seville and has no intentions of leaving

  2. So Spurs are not connected with this move, we don’t know if the Spaniards are willing to sell, and we don’t know whether Spurs can meet the fee…..what a story!!!

  3. I agree that this move looks unlikely given Real are in the market for a striker. Negredo has gr8 stats and is what we need to be looking for. Not sure he will scupper any chance of returning to Real by moving to Spurs though. 18m would be a lot to pay also. Levy wont sanction this without more sales being completed.

  4. What are the chances of Afellay coming though?
    That excites me he’s a super player and somewhat under rated, I remember him playing against us for PSV a few seasons back and he looked world class.

  5. Haha, another load of nonsense. I don’t know why we as spurs fans think that were going to get this world class striker – it’s just not going to happen! If you were a world class striker – would you join spurs, probably not. a few reasons why 1. We won’t pay the wages 2. We won’t pay the big transfer fee that u need to pay for a world class striker 3. If your world class man city will buy you and give you give you gold fingers fortune a week 4. We don’t have champions league football and 5. If you are stupid enough to join, ur probably be on the bench while harry redknapps 7 ft retard love child in your place. In all honesty I would be happy with shane long at this point.

  6. Buy Afellay and then sell Lennonfor 20 million. Barcelona say they would part with him for 5 million, so with that 15 remainder we could buy Vucinic, who is being shopped for 15. Suddenly, Spurs

  7. would not sell lennon i like him would rather sell bentley and santos and keane that will bring in 20 mil to have affeley and lennon would make more sense competition always brings the best out of players we need a striker but negrado wont come we may to buy british at this rate no one wants to come to spurs can u blame them probably leave it till the last day again like we normaly do

  8. once again i fear the Olympic stadium fiasco has seriously effected the chances of that big signing.

    lack of CL, Big Wages, Big Fees aside, we are not an attractve club to join. Sell Crouch,Keane,Bentley, Jenus, Hutton, Palacios.

    the likes of Long, Cole, Parker, Bridge, will play their hearts out, week in week out.

    perhaps a closer look sat home could unveil a couple of real gems

  9. isn’t it sad that we as fans feel we are not an attractive club

    why we dont go out and buy players at the start of the transfer window i do not know. Would it not make sense to have players the time to gel together

  10. I still feel we missed a trick last season, we should have struck while the irons hot, we had CL football to offer and going in the right direction.

    This season is a make or break season for this current team. We could go one of two ways, either qualify for the CL or/and win a trophy or fail to qualify again and lose some of our important players and go back to mid table medicority again.

    I personally think we should buy big this year and show intent to the team that we are still a progressing club. We need a top class striker, but they are at a premium. I know we’ve been rumoured with players such as Rossi but what we need is a player who can do everything, Berbatov would have been perfect but there is no players out there in a similar mould and I don’t think Tottenham fans would welcome the broody Bulgarian with open arms.

    On the other hand if things don’t work out we have some excellent youngsters at the club which we can come in a take the place of the bigger names.

    I think in the next fews seasons, the likes of Caulker, Walker, Rose, Townsend and Kane could really excell in the shirts of Tottenham.

  11. I do so love how everyone is like sell this player and sell that player. I’m guessing that as we haven’t managed to offload ANY of our fringe players yet that at this time we are either asking too much, they earn too much or people simply do not want them.
    I certainly wouldn’t be selling Lennon!


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