While most of the newspapers pick up on the fact that Roman Pavlyuchenko scored twice as a strong Spurs XI beat MK Dons 5-3 last night, young striker Harry Kane notched a double of his own while Niko Kranjcar was involved in four of the five goals on the night.

Pav’s double saw Spurs take a 2-0 lead into the break before the Dons hit back to level the scores by the 75th minute. Kane then slid home his first on 79 minutes to make it 3-2 before Niko hit the goal of the night with a 35 yard dipping volley. Dons then pulled one back before Kane added his second with a calm finish in the last minute.

While Kranjcar was arguably the man of the match, all three of last night’s goalscorers proved a point in different ways and it will be interesting to see if Harry Redknapp reacts accordingly.



  1. i dont like to moan about harry redknapp because he has done a great job since he arrived but he has got to give this harry kane a chance in the first team. We could have our world class or so called £20 million pound striker sitting right under our noses. If only given a chance he can’t do no worse, he his banging goals in for fun. i keep a check on the kids results most weeks and kane is on the score sheet nearly every game.

    • 5 in 18 at Leyton Orient, albeit as a sub most weeks, not exactly nearly every game though, so not sure where you’ve been keeping track every week. Also, let’s put this into perspective, this was against MK Dons and the last was against Forest, both games were friendlies. But Orient didn’t even start him every week and because he scores a couple of goals he’s all of a sudden good enough to play for our first team? I’m as desperate as anyone for this lad to come through, I have been keeping tabs on him and genuinely believe he may make it, he may well be in and around the squad next year but just as likely loanedn to the championship for tyhe next stage of his development though.

      • We’ve all seen young players farmed out and not played or trusted by the team theyve gone to because the risks too big. I wouldnt take his record at orient as a measure of his worth. Sometimes when a player plays amongst players not on their skill level they just dont produce, especially a striker where they LIVE on whats given to them from their teammates.
        Hopefully he’ll make it but how many times have we said this about players that excel in our youth ranks? Barnard was one we were all pretty hopeful for and look which way he went.

        I dont believe Redknapp will ever give him, or any youth player, an opportunity to shine unless he is forced to.

      • I think the goal every game comes more from his time in the Academy (18 in 22 games) and for England (8 in 8 games). Admittedly, I think people are hyping this guy too much right now, but he is definitely a real prospect. I would like to see him in Europa and Carling cups until January, then loaned to a championship side 😀

        • Yeah it think that’s the way forward.

          Players like Kane, Bostock, Townsend, Mason and etc should be introduced to first team football through the smaller cups if they do exceptionally well, they should be promoted to the first team squad.

  2. yet again we’re seeing Niko let his football do the talking, he had a hand in 4 of 5 goals apparently, great stuff and i hope it puts him ahead of pienaar (who is just a harder working Jenas). Kane is starting to knock on the door also so the future could be looking up for Spurs younger generation. I would be tempted to keep the lad as a 4th striker on the bench, surely Harry will see that we can move forward without Keane,Crouch, and maybe even Defoe!

    • The other point about Krancjar vs Pienaar is that Pienaar is also 29 and coming to the end of his prime where as Krank is just coming into his best years. How Redknapp could treat him as he has is beyond me and no doubt affect Modrics happiness there also.
      Redknapps supposed to be famed for his ‘man management’ and getting the best out of players and making them shine but he has seriously failed to do this the last year imo.
      Id move Keane on for whatever we can get to get him off the wage bill and Put Kane in as 4th striker in his place.

  3. Arry will react with playing Pav every 3 games, Kane will be loaned out for his entire Spurs life and will eventually be sold and Krankie will be told he’s a great player, great attitude etc etc but will continue to be on the bench till sold the season after next.

  4. move on defoe to the geordys bring kane up to the team and bring in a rossi or berbatov to start up top with pav and maby diamio to be bought in aswell

  5. Harry’s right about Niko, he’s a luxury player. He’s great for Cameo’s and great against lower level teams, but he doesn’t have the hustle needed for the premier league, he’s technically brilliant and would be great in Italy. Anyone who watched the games Pienaar playued last season would realise he has a bit more about him, his link up play with Modders and VDV in triangles was like watching Ajax 15 yrs ago. I could be proved wrong but he has hopefully bedded in now and I think you’ll realise he’s better for the team and the pace of our attacks.

    • Problem with Pienaar is he had no end product and is coming to the tail-end of his career. I dont remember Krankjar being a luxury the year we qualified for the Champs League. In fact i remember him quite a few times single handedly dragging the team up by the coat tailed and getting us victories.

      • Same here, even last season agianst teams which we historically fail against he managed to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and win the games for us. He offers us so much from either flank.

        He’s a lot more industrious than is given credit for. If Modric was to leave, we already have a ready made replacement.

  6. What a good showing last night at the MK stadium, JD was awful spent most of the time complaining to the ref and squandered a couple of chances in front of goal his replacement was very welcome and duly scored at his first sniff of net. Corluka mopped up most of any threat in the first half, Danny Rose was immense worked tirelessly all night surely he must be in Harry’s plans and certainly deserves a squad place. One of if not the stand out performers was number 8 Nico Kranjaer who was instrumental in everything good we did and his goal simply typified why we must keep this player and play him. Great to see so many lillywhites in Milton Keynes where I live and I must say the stadium was pretty impressive too ( first time going ). Come spurs have a look at what we already have and give em a chance. Lillywhitetilidie

  7. In Krancjar we have a player who WANTS to play for the club, so Harry will probably flog him then come next year we’ll be without BOTH of our Croation playmakers. and have a 30 year old Pienaar to player with his taller self in Jenas. Triffic.

  8. As i said in my 1st post – pienaar is a harder working Jenas, he just seems to run a lot, and play simple balls sideways all the time, doesnt have the vision of Modders or the finishing of Kranjcar so for me, was just another chance for Harry to pick up a bargain and sell at a profit at a later date like he always did at Pompey. Rafa doesnt have pace but is utilised by Harry so Niko should be treated the same, Bale offers pace, but sometimes slowing the tempo can help a game, much like Beckham did when he was good. COYS

  9. It is like banging your head against a wall. Having read umpteen blogs over the Summer two themes that emerge –apart from the modric saga— are 1). Spurs do not give youth a real chance. Clearly Kane has promise but we won’t really know how good he really is unless he gets a good run in the first team, and 2). Krancjar is a top player he has real skill and can finish — unlike our strikers. If Spurs let him go they really do not deserve the support they get.

  10. They don’t pose any questions, they were playing a pre-season game against MK Dons not a league tie against Manchester United!

  11. Went to the mk dons game well impressed with Harry Kane , he has an eye for goal , didn’t give up when senior players would have stood watching , he could save the club a lot a money , come on Harry give him a chance….

  12. Fans of all clubs can’t distinguish between a class young player and a dud. That’s why (just one example – I can give a list on request if required) Leeds fans thought Lennon would rot in the reserves at Spurs because there were players like Routledge ahead of him.

    They just wouldn’t be told. Kane is a class all round footballer and brilliant striker of the ball.

  13. Rednaap has been massively blinkered about periphery players & I fear unless this changes we will languish 6th to mid-table while he remains in charge. Had Harry employed a system of rotation last season we may have taken 4th, instead he played players sometimes out of position or players not fully fit, how can Jenas get ahead of Kranjcar on this side of the Milky Way?

  14. It was not lack of rotation that stopped us getting 4th.

    It was lack of goals from our so called strikers.

    Anyway give Kane a go in the Europa and see how he goes is the right course of action.

    For the Premier League we need proven strikers like Adebayor and Drogba.

    Then if Kane does well in Europa we can try him in the league him with top strikers rather that Defoe, or Pav who will drag him down.


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